Visiting Park City, Utah, without a car
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I'll be heading to Park City, Utah later this month, but I'd like to go carless, as I'm going to be there for work, and won't have a ton of time to sight-see. Questions on what to see in the evenings, and how best to get to SLC and back.

General details: I get into Salt Lake City late afternoon/ early evening on Sunday, May 19, then head back out on the night of Tuesday, May 21. I'm booked Monday all day, and most if not all of Tuesday during typical work hours, in Park City.

Questions: First, what's the best way to get from SLC to Park City? I've found some shuttles that look pretty reasonable.

Second, should I try to spend some time in Salt Lake City on Sunday, or just get to Park City and wander around there?

And third, while in Park City, what should I do on Sunday and Monday evening? Thanks!
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Could you share a little more information about what you like/dislike doing? I love Park City and Salt Lake but it would be great to have more specific information to point you in the right direction with.
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Best answer: Public busses and likely a shuttle from the airport go to Park City. You can leave out of the east end of Terminal One on a Trax Train that will take you to the main transport hub in town. From there you can get transport to Park City and that stuff is available on the UTA website. If your accommodations are in town in Park City it is all within walking distance. It is not the comfy little mountain town it used to be, but The Eating Establishment near the top of Main Street has good breakfast. Zoom, Redford's place is at the lower end of Main, it has good lunch or dinner. There is a lot in betwen these places. There are some in town theaters and bars, of course. There is a lot of boutique shopping to peruse.

Salt Lake has some nice areas as well, but trying to immerse yourself in 24 hours and stretch out over 60 miles without a car would amount to a lot of bus time. Park City is a valued destination on its own. If you want to go back into SLC for some time on your last day, you will end up back at the transportation hub and then go north or south along State Street to where your interests take you.

The state capitol building is the north end of State. There is a park called Memory Grove below that to the east, it is nice walking in there. City Creek that runs through Memory Grove flows into the City Creek Center which is a nice mall at First South and State Street. There are nice residential areas abutting Memory Grove with good walking. Memory Grove goes about 1/2 mile up and becomes City Creek Canyon, that goes up six more miles and is a road closed to cars, but open for biking and walking along the stream.

The main Salt Lake Library is a unique building at 4th south and 2nd east. Salt Lake is plotted like a graph with the NSEW axes wrapping Temple Square.
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Response by poster: Marinara, good point! I love outdoors, museums, and music, and if there are MeFites up for a meetup, that would be keen.

I'm happy to trek around by foot. The conference is taking place at Silverado Lodge, which looks kind of central-ish, and my hotel is about a mile away. Breakfast and dinner are on your own, but I think lunch is provided in the conference. I might be hanging out with colleagues for dinner, but that's TBD.

Oyéah, thanks for the tips!
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Best answer: I would probably avoid venturing out into SLC on this trip - you'll have plenty to do in Park City. If you did feel like exploring neighboring cities, I'd probably recommend a trip out to Heber instead. You could check out the crater and stop in at Main Street Social on the way back for their lobster pot pie.

If you're at all into whiskey, you have to stop by High West Distillery while you're in Park City. You'll miss the to-die-for Sunday Brunch but they have daily tours and it's pretty fun. I really like Five5seeds and Harvest for breakfast and Fletchers is great for dinner. OP Rockwell is a fun place to grab a drink after and they generally have live music.

There are a lot of boutiques along main street and you might have fun peeking into a few of them. The Park City Museum is kind of cool as well - holds the city's original basement jail. It does look like the weather might come down around you that weekend so you might want to grab some coffee (I recommend the Finch at Atticus) and hit up the PC library. Lots of cozy seating and if you feel like making anything on a 3D printer, you totally can.

Park City is a really fun town, especially for a short trip, and I think you'll have a good time just strolling around.
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Seconding Five5seeds. Some of the best food I’ve ever had and a lot of it is Australian.
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Best answer: P.S. Express Shuttle direct airport to Park City, this company is reasonable and good.
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Response by poster: Follow-up: I used the Express Shuttle, as a reliable way to get to and from the airport, and I love that Park City's bus is free for all and operates at a high frequency. In some areas, they're as frequent as every 5 minutes!

I wandered around the Park City "downtown," which was cutesy. High West Distillery had delicious Hatch chile verde, and tasty drinks. I didn't get a chance to explore more than that, but it was a pretty good trip, all in all. Thanks!
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