North Bay Half-Day Trip Destination?
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I need to practice driving, and I'd like to go across the Golden Gate Bridge. Where should I go in the North Bay on Saturday?

I live in San Francisco, and need to practice my driving. I'd like drive across the Golden Gate Bridge to a specific destination. Where should I set my GPS for?

Ideally, this destination is:
- across the golden gate bridge (not the bay bridge)
- half an hour to an hour and a half away (one way)
- open/available during the daytime this saturday

I'd be more interested in something that's somewhat more social, hands-on, and involved than a really pretty hike, but I welcome your really pretty hike recommendations, too, if it comes to that. Thinking more along the lines of a pottery class or meet up than a tourist attraction or museum (unless, of course, it's a really cool museum). I'll most likely be going solo.
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Check out Pt Reyes Station.

Also, Bolinas.
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Consider Santa Rosa or San Rafael. Both towns are within 90 minutes of SF and there will be a lot going on this weekend. A quick Google search showed me a farmer's market, Yoga & Beer, Wine & Design, etc. etc.

I know you're more interested in something social, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Armstrong Redwoods State Park - it's the best place I know to see redwoods near SF that's not overrun with tourists.

Also if you're in Santa Rosa and get hungry, consider Pupuseria Salvadorena. Their bean and cheese pupusas are freaking great. So is their carne asada.

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Go get oysters at The Marshall Store in Tomales Bay.
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If you like Heath Ceramics, know that their seconds sale is this weekend in Sausalito. Be well forewarned that it will be a zoo, though, and go EARLY.
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The road to Bolinas is a scary hang over the coast drop off view. I would not take that road up on tbose heights while practicing driving. Pt. Reyes is a good suggestion.
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You could go to a guided tour at the Marine Mammal Center and then get lunch in Sausalito (and practice driving in circles trying to find a place to park, possibly). The Mammal Center is pretty cheap but if you have a library card you can also probably get a free ticket that way.
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Ironman Santa Rosa is this Saturday, dunno how much it's gonna impact traffic but FYI

The Cheese Factory is nice, close to other cool spots like Point Reyes and downtown Petaluma, the drive there is fun and pretty, and it's full of cheese
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Nthing Point Reyes Station, and I would also discourage driving to Bolinas.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! I planned on going to Heath Ceramics, The Cheese Factory, and Armstrong Redwoods State Park. I made it to the Marin Open Studios next to Heath, and a small roadside market about 20 minutes away from the redwoods which had delicious strawberries and blueberries. There was a lot of driving and a great day.
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