What is your favorite place to buy succulents?
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The weirder the better. I’m looking for unique plants. Reliable Etsy and online sellers or in- person in NYC.
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I haven't been, but perhaps you want the secret plant store in Brooklyn?
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I shop in person, but Annie’s Annuals also has an online store and gorgeous print catalog.
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I don't have a specific recommendation but my acid test for succulent store quality is: do they carry stapeliads? If not, I keep walking, they are not true appreciators of succulent weirdness
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Succulent Source has served us well over the years, both for bulk and small orders.

They do not sell stapeliads, but the Jade Cuttings by Blaise product has my favorite picture of all time (Blaise squinting in the sun holding fresh cuttings... It just looks fun, I can't explain why) so I think that should count for something.
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Probably not that weird, but I have been really happy with the quality of the plants I have gotten from these sellers. You might see something you want:
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I've found great things by getting deep into succulent and plant Instagram. Lots of sellers, big and small, can be found there. I know others who also have had a lot of luck on FB marketplaces that specialize in succulents.
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I’ll mail you an assorted package of cuttings if you want to pay a few bucks in postage and handling.
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I've been happy with plants ordered from Miles 2 Go, mostly I go for stapeliads and conophytum (not in season at the moment). I've also spent a lot of money at Desert Creations, although I've never ordered online.

Also, local cactus and succulent society shows (at least in CA) are another great place, lots of vendors have good prices at the show sales. Not sure what they're like in NY, but probably worth checking out.
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There's a friendly cactus & succulent grower who attends the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket in Brooklyn, but I don't know if his season has started yet.
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Also, if you search cactus/succulent forums this question has always been asked at some point.
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Best answer: The best place to always go first is your local Cactus and Succulent Society! They will probably throw plants at you for free because every serious collector runs out of space very fast. I've gotten hundreds of plants from the different societies I have been a member of.

The NYC one has a facebook page and they meet monthly.

Succulent Marketplace USA on facebook is the place to go. Ebay is also good if you know what you want.

Don't buy from outside the US unless you know the seller is good and you are sure the plant is not on the CITES list (endangered or restricted species) and also know that you need import documentation (phytosanitary certificates which cost $$).

Also I have to say that big box stores often do carry some very good unusual plants. Members of the Chicago Area Cactus and Succulent Society jokingly say "HD Nurseries" if someone asks where a plant came from if we got it from Home Depot. You just have to get them quick before the staff at the stores kill them with overwatering which usually means you have just a couple of days from when they get a delivery.

I strongly recommend not spending big bucks on fancy plants or exotic cultivars until you have kept some of the cheaper box store plants alive and looking good for more than year (succulents can sometimes take a long time to let you know they are dead/dying - other times they can rot in a single day after watering). This way you can dial in your light conditions, soil mix and watering practices before you kill a $50 plant.

(I grow Haworthia and Gasteria indoors under lights - primarily from seed these days - it took me about 5 years to get to the point where I am confident growing more expensive plants - and I still kill some every month. I also have a bunch of different sansevierias as ornamental house plants throughout my apartment)
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ParadiseFoundNursery, on Etsy. Has stapeliads and other weird plants.
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Do you like weird butts? Mesa Garden if you're interested in growing lithops from seed. Be aware they say fulfillment times can be up to 2 months. I also had much better luck with their germination advice than Amazon kits.
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