How can I commute to work?
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I just started a part-time job as an accessibility consultant. I'm super excited, but don't know how I should commute to work regularly given my special snowflakes. Advice appreciated :)

I live in Sammamish with my mom, who is willing to drive me and pick me up when she's around. This isn't always possible, however. I'll probably need to commute to and from Kirkland, Washington two or three times a week.

Here are my considerations thus far…
  • There is no public transportation to speak of around my area.
  • Paratransit, to which I'm entitled as a blind rider, only serves my location from 9-6 weekdays. I need to be at work by 9 if at all possible.
  • Uber or Lyft would probably be fairly expensive over the long haul.
Any advice or suggestions for resources, unconventional ideas, or what have you would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Mefi! :)
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I would start by seeing if your new workplace can make your schedule work with Paratransit - they probably can. Have you talked to your new boss/HR about starting work at 10am? Given the constraints of the Paratransit schedule, this kind of schedule flexing seems well within the bounds of reasonable accommodation. Congratulations on the new job!
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Have you posted on an open thread at Seattle Transit Blog, despite there not being transit near you? Folks there might have some ideas of efficient ways to pastiche modes together.

Other than that -- try Waze Carpool, try King County Vanpool (your employer may sponsor this and it may be available for contractors, but maybe not), email internal mailing lists to see if anyone lives near you and can take on another rider, etc.
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Definitely ask your workplace whether they can make your schedule work for taking Paratransit. You would hope that a workplace with an interest in accessibility is already aware that may need to be more flexible with their start and finish times to accomodate the needs of their staff.

All the best for your new job and the commute. I hope you can find a good solution.
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You might also try posting on company newsletters or bulletin boards once you are in place to see if you have any coworkers who live in your area and would be interested in a carpool, though if your mother's availability is unpredictable it might be a little harder to get a regular carpool going. And obviously, in the standard carpool, all members take a turn driving, but I know if I had a blind coworker who lived in my area, I'd be happy to figure out some sort of barter situation so that they could "carpool" with me without having to take on driving responsibilities.
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