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We're going to Puerto Rico in October, and I want our spending while we're there to have the best impact possible. Is it better for the local economy if we stay in a hotel or an AirBnB situation?
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a hotel is vastly better, as long as it is a ~locally owned~ hotel, not a conglomerate hotel that is profiting off of US/american colonialism. i absolutely love villa herencia in old san juan, and recommend it wholeheartedly.
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Hundreds of people work in a hotel. Thus, you are helping hundreds. If you do airbnb you are basically helping one.
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A hotel is better - for people who work in/around and for people who want to live in SJ (by keeping properties on the rental market). The Dreamcatcher in Ocean Park is my go-to recommendation.
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The website for Puerto Rico paradores may be of some help in locating a locally-owned hotel. While inns seem to rotate on and off the list, I notice that the Dreamcatcher is currently listed.
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Assuming the hotel is locally owned and the cost is similar, your two choices are about even. Sure, you're helping "more people" if you stay at a hotel, but you're helping each one proportionally less. And unless the hotel is on the verge of bankruptcy, the housekeeping staff (e.g.) will be paid whether you stay there or not, whereas with an AirBnB, nobody gets paid if the property is empty. Six of one etc.

In either case, the primary beneficiary is the owner of the property, because capitalism.

Do you really want to help? Find a local group that is working to rebuild or otherwise help people affected by the hurricane, and give them money.
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