Looking for a personal chef northeast of Phoenix
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As a combo birthday/mother's day gift, I'd like to gift my parents a visit from a personal chef. Looking for recommendations in the area northeast of Phoenix. Details inside.

What I'd like is for someone to show up, make my parents a delicious dinner, and package leftovers for them to freeze. If they spent more time there cost-effectively I'd be up for them making some additional meals for the freezer as well.

My parents have a very Midwestern Boomer palate. No garlic. Meat cooked medium-well at a minimum. Seafood is fine. Chef in question should be willing to work with their preferences and not make them feel bad about it.

Not going for a super fancy candlelit dinner feel as much as just someone else taking some load off their backs while they deal with some medical stuff and a house move, but serving the hot meal should be a nice sort of special treat as well.

Any recommendations? Failing that, how do I evaluate someone - is a service where it could be any of a set of cooks a better choice than someone who just loves cooking and does it as their own business?
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I just sent you a memail.
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