Replacement for Kiss My Face Moisture Shave
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My favorite shave cream, Kiss My Face Moisture Shave, has been discontinued and I need to find a similar replacement!

I've been using Kiss My Face Moisture Shave for years and years for my legs and underarms. It is the only shave cream I've ever used that doesn't irritate my skin. It's been discontinued and is now selling for $30-80 a bottle on Amazon before it disappears entirely, compared to the $5-$10 it was in stores while it was in stock.

What I like about it that I'm hoping to replicate:

-The texture was a very thin cream, almost oily. On wet skin it was a very thin, mostly translucent, not lather-y, not thick-and-foamy. I could shave most of a leg without even rinsing the razor as the accumulation of product was minimal. Any kind of razor (cheap or fancy) would glide smoothly over my skin.

-The scents were light (I liked the bamboo/green tea and lavender) and they also offered non-scented. I don't want something that smells man-musky or like peaches-and-cream or 'tropical'.

-Lasts a long time. A four ounce tube could last me half the year.

-It was cheap and available in stores. Not looking to spend a lot of money or special order it from Europe.

Things/brands I have tried that do not work for me for various reasons:

Regular hair conditioner of many varieties.
Dollar Shave Club brand
Any kind of gillette or skintimate or foamy stuff
Plain water
Plain body wash or soap
Dry shaving or electric razor
Any non-shaving solution (wax, depilatory, sugaring, etc)

In an ideal world, someone here has made the switch from Kiss My Face to another similar product they've been happy with.

Otherwise I'm open to suggestion, thanks!
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I'm in the same boat as you - in fact, I've been thinking of writing this same question! Another one to add to the reject list: Dr. Bronner's Shaving Soap, which is basically liquid soap in a tube.
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I like l'occitaine almond shower oil, but it may fail the cheap/ available requirement. It also does clog up the razor somewhat (that may be my irregular shaving so lots of hair) and is an oil rather than a creme. But I use very little, its very glide-y, and my skin likes it.
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I’ve been wondering if this was discontinued and I’m super bummed to get confirmation. I agree with Sabby that the Dr. Bronner’s is not a good subsitute (it’s REALLY weird & thin and just pours right out of the container when you open first I assumed it was some kind of strange packaging mistake).

We’re using Jack Black Supreme Cream (which is quite a bit more expensive) and Pacific Shaving Co. (which is also more expensive than Kiss My Face but less gallingly so, especially since you’re getting six months out of a small tube). Of the two, the Pacific is most similar to KMF. They’re both basically unscented.
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This is an online-order only thing, but I tried the Billie shave cream and IDK it might meet your requirements? For $8 I figure you might want to try it out.
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Trader Joes makes a mango shave cream that I really like and I think might be a nice replacement here?
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Seconding the Trader Joe's shave cream. The scent is very light, and the texture of the cream is pretty similar to the Kiss My Face one.
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The Trader Joe’s shave cream is identical to Alba Botanica’s shave cream - TJ’s is cheaper of course, but Alba has a few different scents and an unscented version. If you try one, you don’t need to try the other.
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Yes, St. Peepsburg, that's where I got my information from originally. Still doesn't answer the question. Thanks though.

I'll give Trader Joes and Pacific a try. Thanks everyone.
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Yep, I have used both, and Trader Joe's is essentially the same experience as KMF moisture shave.
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I no longer use shave cream but have switched to a Murad product called Renewing Cleansing Cream. It's mildly scented, concentrated, and very slippery - it works better than any product I've tried, and I also use it on my face, so it cuts down on the product inventory. I get it from, but Sephora also carries Murad products. On line works best for me because there are always discounts and deals on their site.
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Just popping in to say that I went with the TJ's shave. Not a fan of the scent, but it gets the job done.
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