Button-front women's shirt
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I'm looking for a woman's button-front shirt with specific qualities. This is close except for the hem cut and the pockets. Thank you in advance.

* No shirt-tail - meaning, it shouldn't be cut for tucking in - hem should fall in a straight line at the top of the hip
* Drapey matte fabric, not crisp, not shiny
* No pockets
* An array of non-awful patterns - I realize this point is subjective and I'm not sure how to explain why some patterns are really annoying and some aren't
* Woven fabric, not knit
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I think I found what you need: Equipment blouses but on sale at Last Call, the Neiman Marcus outlet. Check it, and check the recommendations at the bottom.
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I've been seeing these in boxier cuts, like this Everlane version in short sleeve. Asos has it in a synthetic, and has a long sleeve option as well. I found them by searching for "cropped button down."
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These Eddie Bauer shirts are my go-to work shirts: solid and print.

They may be too crisp for you, though? I'm not sure.
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Uniqlo rayon tops are made from drapey matte fabric. No patterns but perhaps enough color variety to scratch that itch? Here is a button down that fits most of your criteria I think. As a bonus, they come out of washer/dryer looking 100% new and unwrinkled (they do wrinkle in minutes if you leave them in the dryer so you must hang them as soon as the drying cycle has finished).

In my experience, Equipment shirts used to be great but these days they are made from very thin cheap silk with almost no weight to it so they drape nicely on a hanger but on a live human body they cling like crazy, even if you use anti-static spray.
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