Vegetarian friendly restaurants, Juneau, Skagway and Icy Straights, Ala
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Were taking a cruise from Vancouver to Anchorage, stopping at Icy Straights, Skagway and Juneau. We're going to be fine for food on the boat, but can anyone suggest restaurant options that will have vegetarian/vegan menu options in any of those stops, so we can eat while exploring?
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Response by poster: And I realized that my question sounds like I assume all Alaskan restaurants are all seafood or meat based with no variety! Not what I meant at all, but am hoping for pointers on our best options from folks who know those cities
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Not sure how long you'll be in Vancouver, but The Acorn is well worth a visit, and easy to reach via public transit. For a more casual/all-day option, The Arbor is just a few doors down Main Street (and the beets with cashew crème fraîche are *amazing*).
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...unless you're sailing from Vancouver WA, of course. Those are both in Vancouver BC. Whoops.

When you get to Anchorage, though, there's good vegan pizza at Fat Ptarmigan, and Middle Way Cafe is good for breakfast/brunch/lunch.
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Best answer: Not vegetarian myself, but Juneau has long had vegetarian-friendly restaurants. Here are some options to consider in downtown Juneau (so leaving out places you’d need to drive to):

The Sandpiper Cafe is a breakfast place (waffles, eggs, sandwiches, soups, salads, etc.) but they make a great grilled vegetarian sandwich and have other options (they’ve specifically had items on the menu marked as vegan). Only open morning through lunch, though.

There is an Indian restaurant, Saffron, which was good when it opened several years ago, but i can’t say what it is like now.

If cheese is acceptable, you might find something you like at In Bocca al Lupo.

There is also a small lunch food bar at Rainbow Foods (the expensive health food store), but it’s not a sit-down café/restaurant. (Regular grocery stores in Juneau also carry popular “health food” brands.)
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Anchorage is super easy- Middle Way, Snow City Cafe, Beartooth Theaterpub (either side of the restaurant is good for vegetarians, but the theater side has more vegan options), Yak and Yeti, Pangea downtown (ask for the vegan off-menu options), Pho Lena has a lovely vegetarian pho...if you are wanting recommendations in a specific direction, holler.

If by Icy Straits you mean you’re spending a night in Gustavus, there aren’t a ton of options outside the lodge in the park there (which had hit or miss food depending on who was down working for the summer and maybe one option for vegetarians when I worked there a million years go, things have probably improved). There were a couple BnBs that used to do nice local dinners that look like they are for sale now- you’d have to hitchhike 10 miles out of the lodge to get there, anyway.
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Best answer: Starfire is my favourite restaurant in Skagway. It's Thai and has lots of vegetarian options. Highly recommended!
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...and if you take a tour from Skagway to Carcross (which is lovely), Bistro on Bennett is fun and has some veggie options.
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Response by poster: For anyone else looking, here's what we found:

Icy straight point, near the village of Hoonah, basically french fries for vegetarians.
Juneau had options, but not many on the waterfront... We ended up with a marinara pasta in a random waterfront bar. Skagway had many options... Starfire as mentioned above, an Indian restaurant with many options, the Skagway brewing Co had several options, as did one of the cafes on the main drag (I don't remember the name of the cafe)
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