Modifying palm hat in SoCal
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I have this palm leaf hat, and I would like to modify it to look like this. I would like to add 1) a pin to permanently attach a band (mine previously blew away), 2) a black trim to the brim's edge, and 3) an adjustable chin cord. Can I do this to a palm leaf hat? I am super clumsy so I'm ruling out DIY - do I go to a "milliner" instead? Around how much would this cost? If you know someone in SoCal who can do this, pass them my way!
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Honestly, it would probably be cheaper and easier to buy another hat in the style you like. Perhaps not the exact hat you linked to, though.
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The plain hat you linked to is different from your proposed one in that the crown is more rounded on top and the sides are sloped instead of straight up and the brim is probably not as flat. If you are okay with that, this would not be terribly difficult to do.

If you have a friend* who sews, he or she could do this. The band is 1.75" wide black grosgrain ribbon. There's a small flattened loop covering the join. The edging is . 25" wide (folded size) double fold bias tape. Either one could be adjusted if you can't find that exact size. The band is probably just hand-tacked down in two (or four spots). There are directions online how to sew the bias tape. It can be sewn on a machine. Both of these could also be hot-glued instead.

The chin strap looks like narrower ribbon (not sure if it is partially stitched and/or adjustable), the hat band hides where it is stitched to the hat. If you didn't need this particular style, you can buy black round cord (or even shoelaces) and an adjustable toggle. All these materials are available at a sewing notions store or online.

*or an alterations person. Ask at fabric stores, bridal shops, a tailor shop, the bulletin board at a local grocer where people post business cards or look for small space ads in those free weekly newspapers.
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I think part of the issue is that many people would DIY along the lines of TWinbrook8‘s excellent suggestions, even if it’s not impeccably polished and finished perfectly at the end.

But, to do this with a goal of near perfect results requires expert artisanal craftwork, someone with plenty of direct experience with this hat type and material etc. And that could easily cost more than a new hat. Depending of course on how expert, what market etc.

On balance; if I were set against DIY and would accept ‘pretty good’ results, and wanted to pay a lot less than a new hat like that costs:

I would look into MeFi Jobs, Etsy alchemy, friend/neighbor/work networks, etc.
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