Women's light-coloured loafers?
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For several years I had a pair of light camel-coloured loafers that were super comfortable and durable, and I wore them throughout the summer months. They finally were retired due to age. I would really, really like to replace them with something similar.

I have had my eye on the Everlane loafers in yellow, but based on prior shoe purchases from them, I doubt they will be comfortable or durable. But I like the general simple vibe and colour (minus the elastic heel).

What I would love to find: light neutral colour (bone, beige, off white, camel etc), no tassels, buckles or the like, comfortable, durable and with a sole that does not click on hard surfaces. Flexible budget.
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I have the Naturalizer Emiline Loafer in navy. They come in a variety of colors and are sold in a variety of stores. They are comfortable, not frumpy, not noisy, and for such a simple shoe, get compliments.

I paid full price and wish I hadn’t. A week after purchase they were $15 less.
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If you don't have small feet, I would recommend purchasing men's shoes instead. I was looking for similar shoes, and I found the best bang for my buck was Allen Edmonds - high quality but not stratospherically so. I don't get scared wearing them as my everyday shoes, especially since they're comfortable enough to be my everyday shoes!

It took me a surprisingly long time to be ok with buying "men's shoes," but I'm so glad that I did. Not only does Allen Edmonds have a variety of simple, flexible styles and colors, they also have a panoply of sizes available, and all their shoes are Goodyear-welted. While most of their shoes have leather soles, which don't click on hard surfaces, their Goodyear-welted soles ensure that you can get any nearby cobbler to replace the soles if they're not to your liking, along with, of course, replacing them when the soles have thoroughly worn out!

They are definitely priced as investment pieces, but you can score cheaper versions through their outlet store and factory seconds.
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I like Liz by Trotters they come in a variety of widths in Zappos and they’re pretty comfortable. There are some none woven ones too in the same style.
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I'm really pleased by my Madewell Frances loafers.
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I had been looking at these (Steven Hylie) Or these (Clark’s Pure Tone) for a spring shoe, but I may try one of the above recommendations instead.
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M. Gemi has drivers in light colors in both leather and suede.
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My Cole Haan loafers are about five years old, so they don't exactly match any of these current offerings, but they fit all of your criteria (and still look great, after five years!). I also have a pair of these (slightly darker) LL Bean loafers, which are very simple, super comfortable, and on sale.
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To follow-up, I ended up buying the Naturalizer Emiline Loafer in Porcelain. I loved the look and quality of the M.Gemi shoes, but balked at the price. And the other top choice was the Frances loafer from Madewell, but a friend just bought them, and was last heard from hobbling home, barefoot.

I did discover that the Emiline loafers vary quite a lot by color. The first pair I ordered, in another light colour (forget the name), was stiff and uncomfortable. The Porcelain, on the other hand, felt good right out of the box. I am hoping they are durable, but so far, very happy with them.

Thanks for all the help!
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