Cheap app for expensive layout formats?
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Is there an affordable/free design application for OS X that will save in one of the following file formats?: .indd, .qxd, .ai, .eps, .psd

I need to submit some layout for a CD sleeve pronto, but the print shop templates are in the above file formats. I can open an .eps file with Preview, save it as a .pdf, and do my layout in OmniGraffle Pro, but I can only save to .pdf. I've been searching far and wide for something that will do this. I tried using Expression 3, but haven't had any luck with it. Any suggestions?
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Download the QXP7 free beta from their site. It's slow, and a bit painful, but it'll be better than any other kludge

(Or, y'know, get with the torrents)
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Are you sure they won't accept a PDF file? If they accept Adobe Illustrator files (.ai) files they must have Adobe Illustrator, and not only does it open PDF files just fine, PDF is a native file format for Illustrator.
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Look to EPS. It's an open standard (Encapsulated PostScript), and there are GPL packages that right to it.

For OS X, check out the combination of Ghostscript and the GIMP.
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Er, "write" to it.
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I would suggest using one of the following:

Inkscape - a free, open source vector drawing program, similar to Illustrator or Freehand

GIMP - A free, open source bitmap drawing program, similar to Adobe Photoshop

Both programs have OS X installers and are very full featured.
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If you don't mind big downloads, Adobe will let you download trial versions of most of their software here, so you can get versions of InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. that are good for 30 days.
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Preview can save to PSD.

also, any program with standard printing capabilities can save to standard PostScript (.ps) in OS X. just print, and then in the dialog that appears, select the PDF dropdown button and do "Save PDF as PostScript..."
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Check out GraphicConverter. It'll import 190 file formats and export 79 formats (including .psd). You get a free trial, it has been around + supported forever, and is $35 to own.
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