Summer electronics intensive course
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Is there anywhere in the United States I can take an electronics intensive course anytime between mid-June and October?

I find myself needing to learn quite a lot of electronics quite quickly. I would do better with structured learning than independent study. Is there anywhere in the US that offers an intensive course with substantial lab time that fits my schedule (mid-June through October)?

Bonus points for Hawaii, Upper Midwest/Great Lakes, Pacific Northwest, coastal Canada, or New England. Thanks.
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Possibly not what you're looking for, but there's an engineering and electronics workshop in July in California. Here's the agenda.
posted by Nyrha at 3:59 PM on May 2

For college credit? Graduate level? What is your goal?
posted by citygirl at 4:03 PM on May 2

Whoops, should have written *US and Canada*. Did not mean to imply coastal Canada is part of the US.
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Don’t need credit. My goal is a career change that involves mechanical and electrical knowledge, among other things. I’m squared away on mechanical (well, wouldn’t mind more hydraulics and pneumatics, but fairly square) but I’m weak on electrical. I have some time off coming up in which to do this.
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The skills I need to develop are hands-on, not intense higher math, if that helps clarify.
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