Waterproof phone bike mounts that don't cause overheating
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I want to ride around on my bicycle this summer, with two phones mounted on the handle bars (or somewhere I can easily view them) that can keep the phones dry for a few minutes and have a way to keep the phones cool in the southern heat. What do you suggest?

No, this is absolutely not about playing Pokemon Go, shut up.

I've been experimenting with a few mounts, but nothing seems to cover all the bases. Anything that's waterproof has a clear protective cover which traps heat and causes the phones to overheat. I've looked at getting slim ice packs to keep next to the phones, but there doesn't seem to be phone mount that has that incorporated in it.

I live in the American south, so suddenly thunderstorms are a thing, along with the muggy heat. I have a bag that can hold an external battery, so got that covered, just looking around for off the shelf ways (for now) to handle the phones.

Suggestions anyone?
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Use regular phone mounts and if rain threatens pop a couple freezer-weight ziplocs over the top of them. Keep the bags in an easy to reach pocket. Use a rubber band to hold the bags gently closed to avoid splashes or blowing off. When the rain lets up, take the bags off.

I doubt your phones would overheat in the few minutes it would take you to get to cover.
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The problem is the direct sunlight. I've had this issue just about I do any outdoor activity in NC. I'd recommend making some sort of shade cover for it, trade a bulky case for a waterproof ziplock and then put an ice pack on it when it starts ot get hot.
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I have an old iPhone SE which still works great despite some having a very iPhone-hostile lifestyle, thanks to the Lifeproof case I had it in. I got rid of the Lifeproof case recently because it had absorbed so much damage it was starting to crack and disintegrate in unpleasant ways, and went to a cheapie non-waterproof case. My phone started having overheating problems almost instantly, which had only happened once before. Conclusion I drew: the Lifeproof N√ľud case (waterproof and dustproof, no screen protector) is a good case for heat management.
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