Where can I find a sturdier version of this bed frame?
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I recently bought this bed which is gorgeous but the frame itself super sucks and started showing significant damage after a mere TWO NIGHTS of sleeping on it. :( I already complained to the company and got my my money back, but now can you help me find a far more heavy-duty version of the same thing?

You get what you pay for, I guess, but I thought surely 10K five-star reviews can't be wrong...anyway, the metal frame is hollow and extremely lightweight and the legs started buckling and bending badly almost immediately, plus it slid around like crazy whenever I got out of bed or even turned over.

But I love love love that style and want to find something that looks the same or similar but is way more heavy-duty. Where should I look or does this style have a name?

This is the first grown-up bed frame I've ever had in my life (I've only ever slept on the super basic black metal frame you get from the mattress store) and I admit I am overwhelmed by the options when I try to search online...plus I'm feeling a bit burned by all the five-star reviews and don't know where to look for something that's truly going to be built like a tank.

Thank you for your help.
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What's your budget? This one from Pottery Barn is fairly similar and actually made of iron & steel. In general, searching for "cast iron bed frame" will get you started in the right direction.
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If you're willing to have it look not quite so fancy, you can build your own out of steel pipe and clamps that'll be relatively indestructible; I built mine last year and I'm pretty pleased with it
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Iron beds and brass beds are the categories. There are new ones and refinished antique ones. If you're in the area, try Hobnail Antiques in Pawling, NY.
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I have a similar bed awaiting dry weather to be painted. I can't get a box spring up the narrow stairs in my small house, so I plan to use a support frame. Maybe you could continue to use the headboard and footboard with that.
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We have a Zinus bed frame and it's super sturdy and was inexpensive. This one is the closest I can find to the style you like, although in white. But keep checking Amazon; I swear their inventory of this brand changes from day to day.
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The only thing slightly unusual about that Wayfair bed is that it's described as platform frame; most metal, vintage-cast-iron style bed frames are mattress + boxspring. Birchlane has a mix of both types; platform bed examples Lucrezia, Blas, & Kinyon.
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L.L.Bean Cottage Metal Bed

This is the bed my son has, and it stands up to all kinds of abuse.
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Are you willing to attach a headboard and footboard to a separately purchased bed frame? If you're not locked in on having it all in one piece, then yes, a second vote for a Zinus platform bed frame. They're fantastically heavy-duty and affordable.

In my experience, headboards and footboards take much less of a beating and can be hollow, no problem. Here's a headboard that looks a lot like the Wayfair one. You just bolt it onto the platform bed frame. Standalone footboards will be harder to come by, but they're out there (and maybe the headboard alone will give you the look you're going for and you'll find you don't need the footboard.)
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CB2's Alchemy seems to be very popular.
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Sorry, I should have added: I do want it in white! Oh, and the platform piece is not important, I'm totally fine with getting a box spring.
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The venerable Charles P. Rogers & Co. has its cottage iron bed in white on sale right now. (Real iron -- sturdy as hell.)
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Birch Lane free shipping over $49.
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I have a more simple Zinus frame, as mentioned above. I consider it to pass the bar of "cheapest thing to not fall apart during a move and reasonably hold up", but not "considerable quality". It isn't falling apart though, and survived slamming around the house during an emergency gut-my-floor-because-mold scare

My sister ordered one eventually, and that ones held up great too. I'm not sure if the next jump in quality at ~quadruple the price would feel worth it to me.
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For anyone who enjoys an epilogue, I did end up getting the Pottery Barn one and I. LOVE. IT. I am happy every single night that I shelled out for exactly what I wanted.
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