Best online data science degree?
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I've been in management too long and my tech brain is shrinking. What's the best fully-online data science post-graduate degree out there that covers machine learning and natural language processing techniques? (more criteria within)

I've looked at the University of London and University of Michigan through Coursera and I realize I have no objective basis for deciding what the best options are. I need a program that is:

Fully online, requiring no travel
Cost is not the most important factor (employer reimbursement may be possible) but I don't want to incur debt or break the bank
Needs to be in pursuit of a degree or credential (to qualify for said employer reimbursement)
I value the acquisition, demonstration, and practice of useful skills over the prestige or name of the school.
Ability to work at my own pace would also be nice but not required.
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Response by poster: (Don't want to thread-sit, but b1trot asks a good question.)

I need a class because I don't have the self discipline to do self-learning to that extent outside of the external accountability structure a school provides. Plus, having a class gives me cover with family and friends. "I can't, I have class/homework." is a lot more socially acceptable than "I can't, I'm working on my self-taught hobby."

Not making an argument here. Answer's just for me, not for everybody.
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I can't speak from experience on a degree program, but I took several Python data science courses through the University of Michigan on Coursera. I found them to be well-taught and absolutely made a difference in my career. It looks like they offer a Masters in Data Science.
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My brother just finished the online Data Analytics program at GA Tech and had a good experience
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I was about to recommend the Ga Tech program. I've done some of their classes through EdX, and they're good. The online only program is also quite affordable compared to their in person program.
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