What films dwell on the consequences of procrastination?
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What films/miniseries are there whose theme is the negative consequences of procrastination or making lazy choices vs. the positive outcomes from stepping up to responsibilities or having a Type A personality?

Not looking for educational or after-school films, of course, but themes in mass media.

The only two films I can think of are the 1970s TV series "Rich Man, Poor Man" (which really needs an official release, why is ABC sitting on the prints?), and the Albert Brooks movie "Defending Your Life" (kind of a superficial, cornball treatment though).

I'll also take answers for movies out there that you have found that are motivating and which have rallied you to make positive changes in your own life. The closing speech from Glengarry Glenn Ross comes to mind, but it was just a 7-minute scene.

Not sure about crime movies, since those tend to be over the top, and crime isn't a very difficult choice for most of us.
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In Rocky III, Rocky is initially overconfident and does a half-assed training regime and gets his ass kicked by Clubber Lang.
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Barton Fink explores procrastination and writer's block through the glorious medium of slowly peeling wallpaper.
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The House of Sand and Fog (2003)
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It took Hamlet an awful long time to decide to kill Claudius.
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Ghost World
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A Cock and Bull Story maybe?

I feel like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon covers this too.
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The Graduate.
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Sideways kind of makes that contrast, if you don't require that the non-procrastinator is responsible or makes good choices.
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The Future is about a couple who think about adopting a cat. Told from the point of view of the cat.

It made me think I need to get out more.
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My hazy memory of Adaptation kind of fits what you're looking for.
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I'll throw Limitless into the ring...and maybe Our Idiot Brother?
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Laggies is follows a woman while she's flat out avoiding big life decisions. There's definitely some, "that wasn't a great idea" moments, but some are accompanied by eye rolls on her part.
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The Celebration might be appropriate for this.
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