Travel to Hawaii...which hotels? What to do?
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Going to Hawaii in the start of November for my Honeymoon...9 days I think. I love to Hike and all that fun stuff, my fiance will hike but likes to do lighter things due partially to a heart murmur (she also likes to shop). I get bored just laying on the beach, she has a high stress job so I think she needs some relaxation time. So any suggestions?

We are flying free to LAX from PHL and then getting a flight from LAX to Oahu. Probably also staying in Maui and the Big Island.

I am including a quote from one of the travel you guys think this is a good price? I am a bit concerned about the hotels as I checked Trip Advisor and some people hated them which makes me nervous (but I also now some people who have one bad experience tend to over blow the thing). So any personal experiences would be helpful. Thank you SOOOO much...I trust MeFi far more than a travel agent motivated to sell...

FYI going from these hotels to the next step up (Hyatt, Marriott etc) brings to total up about $1200...worth it?

This is through Hawaiian Travel Bureu (Any experience with them)?


1) AIRFARE from LA for 2: $496.50 per person, including 2 inter-island flights

2) HOTEL for 3 nights on Oahu:
- Partial ocean view room at Ohana Waikiki Beachcomber: $468.00 total, including all room taxes

3) TRANSFERS round trip from Honolulu Airport to the hotel, with flower lei greeting: $56.00 total

4) HOTEL for 3 nights on the Big Island:
- Mountain/garden view room at Royal Kona Resort: $255.00 total, including all room taxes
- You get these specials: Value Rate

5) HOTEL for 3 nights on Maui:
- Garden view room at Royal Lahaina Resort: $534.00 total, including all room taxes
- You get these specials: Sunsaver Rate

6) CAR RENTAL on Big Island and Maui: Economy $204.00 total, including all taxes and fees

TOTAL PACKAGE PRICE: $2,510.00 for 2 (or $1,255.00 per person).
ALL TAXES AND FEES are included.
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What about trying parasailing? It's non-strenuous, outdoors and fun.
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Response by poster: Parasailing I would like to do so she will be waiting on the beach! :)

Volcano is high on the list as is snorkeling (although not sure which snorkel place to pick)
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Well I posted a couple ideas here. Dunno if you checked other Hawaii questions or not, but I put some things to do that might be overlooked.

As for shopping, there is plenty to be done at Waikiki and Ala Moana, but be prepared to be gouged. Kahala mall and, if you want to drive out that far, Pearlridge are probably much cheaper, and you can still find shirts, etc that say "Hawaii" on them. If you do go to Kahala mall try The Olive Tree. Bring a bottle of wine or two, as you're allowed to do that here for places that don't serve alcohol. Very tasty greek food.

I could give you a bunch of other dining recommendations, but I don't know if they're honeymoon appropriate. You probably want waiters with starchy white shirts and pepper grinders.
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Response by poster: We are looking for a mixture of nice dining and fish house type stuff...
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Hawaii honeymooner here. We stayed at the Kamaole Beach Royale in Kihei, which was simple, pleasant, and not overly expensive -- it's just apartments, thought, not a luxe resort, if that's what you're looking for. We went up to Haleakala in the daytime and it was magnificent -- don't feel you have to do the sunrise bike trip to make it worthwhile. We also had a good time taking surfing lessons at Goofy Foot Surf School (though this is a bit of work and might not be suitable for the future Mrs. UMDirector.) Finally, we were crazy about Sansei, with two locations in Maui and one in Oahu. Oh yeah, and -- if you're going to the Big Island, don't spend all your time on the Kona side -- make sure you walk down to the lava, surely the most spectacular thing we saw on our trip. The walk is bumpy but not at all strenuous.
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Everyone likes snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. It's close to Waikiki, convenient, easy, and the snorkeling (like the snorkeling everywhere else in Hawaii) is wonderful.
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I'd try to get to Kauai and might axe Oahu from the trip to get to it.

The best dinner, bar none, in Hawaii, will be at a Sam Choy Restaurant, which you can find at all the islands you're visiting.

Consider a Harper truck instead of a rental car on the Big Island if you want to drive up to Mauna Kea (though I'm unaware of how well 13,000 foot elevations and heart murmers play together). The 9,000 foot level stargazing at Mauna Kea is said to be the best in the world, but bring a sleeping bag, it gets cold.

If you're a tough, tough guy, you can kayak Mrs. UMDirector across Kealakekua (Dolphin) Bay in South Kona, where pristine snorkeling is to be found.

Forget parasailing. Also, if you'd like an estimate from a Big Island travel agent, I can put you in touch with mine if you send me an email.

Have fun!
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Response by poster: The Future Mrs.UMDirector actually knows how to surf and is interested in the hiking up to Diamond Head. While we don't want to kill ourselves on the hiking certainly if anyone else has great not brutal hiking suggestions that would be great.

Additionally she is an accomplished equestrian and would like to know of any suggestions regarding stables for island rides. I, however, am not an accomplished equestrian so a facility that could handle both woudl be great!

Thanks for the suggestions so far...keep them coming! :)

Already thinking of eating at Sansei!
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Since I'm from the Big Island, my answers are going to be biased towards that area, but for horseback riding you should definitely check out Kohala on the northern side of the island, and certainly the horseback rides around Waipio.

I don't have any experience with the above company, but their rates look reasonable, and the Hi'ilawe Falls ride would definitely be on the more secluded side of things.

I can recommend a few hikes around the Big Island that are non-strenuous and beautiful, particular the White Road hike in Waimea and just about everything in Volcano National Park, which will blow your mind.
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if you like hiking for the sceneer one thing that might able to you both is an ATV ride, they are alot of fun ( i went on one) and take you over the good parts of the island... light on him fun for both.
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I had a wonderful time on Maui (and Kauai) for my honeymoon. I think that rate for Lahaina sounds pretty decent. We stayed at the Fairmont Kea Lani in Wailea, which is more expensive, but the service and the resort are amazing, and it really makes you feel like you're on your honeymoon. (Swim-up bar! Waterslide!) I suggest looking into places to stay in Kihei, the town north of Wailea; you'll still get the lovely weather and breeze, but the prices will be better and Kihei has great little shopping places.

The Tom Barefoot website was really helpful for finding activities, and the book Maui Revealed was indispensible. A MUST. It had the best maps and a terrific restaurant guide.

A few activities we enjoyed:
-Snorkeling near Molokini off the Kea Kanani (included lunch and Mai Tais)
-Guided waterfall hike through the Hawaiian Hiking Co. (3-hour tour with lunch is not very strenuous)
-Sunset Cruise on the Maui Princess out of Lahaina Harbor (the food is not so great, and it's kind of pricy, but it's still a lovely sunset cruise)
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Oh, and also:
This thread has activity suggestions, and this thread could help with lodging.
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Response by poster: Fantastic..thanks everyone! We actually have added a day to the overall trip and have decided to cut our time in Oahu to 2 days...enough for Diamond Head and Pearl Harbor...probably going to add a day to the big island and a day to Maui.
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