Nature SOundscapes for Pleasant Peace
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Hi, AskMe. :) I've been listening to the quiet chirping of the birds outside on occasion lately, and that reminded me that one of the things I love hearing, pleasant nature. I know this is an astonishingly diverse genre on Youtube, and would appreciate some recommendations.

My ideal soundscape would be long enough that I wouldn't notice any looping, assuming it had any at all, and mostly natural, i.e. little to no background music. I'm partial to sounds of birds, but really, any creature or natural noise that's soothing/pleasant/what have you would be appreciated. Extra special bonus points for stuff that's unusual or not native to the west coast of North America. Feel free to interpret this question pretty broadly, I'm not really sure what all's out there :)
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Check out!
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11 hours of jungle noises from the Amazon.

Searching 'jungle sounds' on YouTube brings up a bunch of these, this one just happens to be my favorite :)
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Look up nightingale song. I was reading my grandson. The Nightingale, and I thought to look up this bird's song, there were a lot of long passages. They are popular. Here, three hours no loop.
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My favorites are johnnielawson, Relax Sleep ASMR , and Relaxing Sounds of Nature, all of which purport to be the actual authors of their content. (But then again it's youtube, who the hell actually knows, but I do know I've been subscribed to them for ages and they haven't been taken down for stolen content so maybe.)

I could have sworn I was subbed to one channel that offered their videos with and without a picture, so you could have a black screen without having to turn your display down/off, but maybe it disappeared or I'm just not finding it in my badly-needs-pruned subscription list.
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Not YouTube, but the Sound Escapes podcast might be good. From the description:
Over his long career, Gordon Hempton has mastered the art of truly listening. He’s known as the Sound Tracker. Some people call him an acoustic ecologist. His recordings and books have made him an international expert on the beauty and importance of undisturbed, natural soundscapes — and the ways human beings have changed them.

Now, Gordon Hempton is losing his hearing. But with that loss has come an intense urgency to share his life’s work — and his passion — with as many people as are willing to listen.

So, Gordon and BirdNote have teamed up to bring you a truly unique audio experience. Over the next seven episodes of this podcast, we’ll be immersed in soundscapes that Gordon hand-picked from some of the most wild, beautiful and sound-rich places he’s visited.
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Paul Dinning's YouTube channel is filled with hours and hours of bird videos. Although he intended them as amusements for cats, the audio of the videos are filled with bird song and chirps as well as the sound of wings and wind. No music at all, they are lovely to listen to because they don't feel as contrived or over-produced as many intentional soundscapes.

This one is one of my favorites, with the sound of sleet 29 minutes in while morning doves, robins, finches, wrens and woodpeckers go on with their lives.
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I love Calmradio for nature sounds. They offer soft classical, jazz and binaural too.

And they have a free site, as well as a promo for new members. NFI.
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Relaxio has a Nature Sounds app that allows you to mix your own whitenoise. It's free and really great.
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Seconding Paul Dinning (for both cats and humans).
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