What's your favorite car-smell-good thingy?
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Bought a new car that was a little musty. Just needed a new air filter and some Lysol in the vents, and that fixed the smell! Now I just want to put the cherry on top with a nice smell of some sort. What car smell device or method do you use?

Ideal things:

Low maintenance
Smells nice
Long lasting?

I have essential oils but not sure how I'd diffuse them in my car, and those smells don't last forever but if you think that's my best bet I do already have the oils. But I'm also interested in any other ideas!
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Love any tips or thoughts you have like open can of coffee grounds or kitty litter or whatever worked for you! Specific brands or smells are also appreciated!
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I don't currently own a car, but when I did, I loved Yankee Candle Car Jars. Rearview mirror hanging thingies from YC. Variety of scents. Lasted forever and a half. Strong enough to just cut half an inch or so of the plastic wrapping off, leave the rest covered, and ignore it for months while it makes your car smell many varieties of yummy.
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If you like your essential oils, you can buy this thing. You soak the little pad with the oil and it clips to your vent. And it’s pretty!
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I actually have that essential oil clip and initially I loved it because pretty! Unfortunately the essential oil only lasts a couple of days before the smell fades and you have to renew it which is frustrating (for me, you may not care!) I tried using a different oil thinking maybe it was just that scent, but no, same thing. So I’m watching this with interest.
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This is out of left field, but right now I am on a driving holiday through Crete and the scent of wildflowers is incredible in rural areas, maybe because they are ephemeral? My recommendation, then, is seasonal wild plant scents. Maybe consult with a nursery or florist ob what would work best as a dried plant in your car?
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I like the smell of sandalwood, and I keep a small carved box made out of it in the center console with change in it. Once it gets hot and humid out it gets a little stronger, but not overwhelming. It's just kind of there, like a piano in a living room.
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When I was growing up my mom would keep an open bar of strongly-scented soap tucked under the front passenger seat of her minivan. Every couple of weeks she'd take a knife and pare a sliver off to freshen it up a bit. It was amazing how effective it was; now that I've got a minivan full of disgusting kids of my own I'm planning on adopting the same technique (I just need to clean the damned thing first, which I never seem to be able to get around to).
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I keep a bar of Irish spring soap in the cup holder. It is crazy strong-smelling.
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As a person allergic to many industrial perfumes, I get completely miserable when riding in a car that has one of those hanging scent things. If you absolutely must make your car smell like something other than a car with a clean interior, far better to stick to subtle plant-derived scents: cedar chips, sprigs of rosemary, the aforementioned sandalwood etc.
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When I was driving Lyft, I consistently got compliments on how my (2 year old) car still had "that new car smell." My secret was a pair of those side vented Arm & Hammer baking soda boxes. They will absorb an amazing amount of odors. Before you start layering on other smells, combine those with the most thorough cleaning you can manage and see what kind of baseline that gives you
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Dirtyoldtown, where did you put them in the car?
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I like to spray the carpet of our old car where some rain has gotten in with some lavender essential oil mixed with rubbing alcohol, in a cheap plastic spray bottle from the drug store. It gives a pleasant scent without as much allergic potential as most, and it helps kill mold or keep it from growing.
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I put one under the passenger seat and one in the trunk. My car is a crossover/SUV thing so the back is semi open.
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When you have orange peels, put them on the dash to dry. They smell great. See also, lemon, lime, grapefruit.
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I get a sprig of eucalyptus and keep it in the wayback area of my CRV, when it gets warm it smells nice. but not overpowering. Warning: if you get the green stuff it will also stain things green when it gets wet.
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I like the Yankee Candle Car Jars too. I don't find the scents overwhelming -- just pleasantly there. I tried one of the vent clip ones, but ended up taking it out and throwing it away, because holy cow, was it overpowering, especially when the heat was on, no matter how low.
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