Nobody likes me... Wait! Everybody likes me, but in secret! (Twitter)
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I tweeted a photo from mltshp. I got 92 likes and 35 retweets. This never happens to me. If I get a handful of likes that is a lot. But when I look almost all of the accounts that liked or retweeted are protected. What's up with that?

Here is an image of the stats. Of the 92 likes, I can only see the accounts for the nine people I follow. And, for the 35 RTs 31 of them are from protected accounts. Basically, it looks like some circle of private accounts all liked and RT'd the heck out of this. I checked the lists that I am a member of and don't see anything out of the ordinary. Mostly education and Tokyo and nothing much new.

Should I just relax feel a warm glow for sharing something mysterious people enjoyed?
Or, should I be concerned that this is how gangs of people line up somebody to be targeted for some unknown whatever? Have I pissed off some Christians with Easter snark?
And/or, Twitter is just goddamn weird and forget about it?

PS: I honestly can't believe I am using an Ask for this probably meaningless crap, but man the internet can make one paranoid these days.
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Your paranoia is misplaced. Don't worry about it. A circle of friends liked your content, that's all.
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People don't use locked accounts when they want to stir up shit; locking your account really limits the reach it has, and if someone wanted to condemn you, they'd be a lot more likely to do it in public where the reach is better and it's easier to do damage. While there's a possibility of secret snarking, it seems pretty unlikely to me, and is much more likely that a circle of friends/acquaintances found it. The scenario I find most likely is that someone used a locked After Dark account to retweet and other people with similar locked After Dark accounts that follow each other picked it up.
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Think Aleyn has it. It just seemed so weird that aside from a few friends, ALL these likes were protected. But guess that's how some people use the birbsite--a cabal of protected accounts that just do their own thing.
posted by Gotanda at 5:12 PM on May 1, 2019

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