Better mousetraps. Must have better mousetraps.
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I must confess that I am always in search of a better mousetrap, especially when it comes to householdy and kitcheny things. Help me find some? Suggestions of specific objects as well as stores that are good sources for these things are equally welcome. Further specs and examples can be found inside.

Functionality is of the utmost importance in these things, but form (especially elegant simplicity) is almost as valuable to me. For example, I'm ridiculously enamored of this simple little folding trivet because it does its job well, takes up very little space, and is adorable. Also, these dusting cloths are perfection embodied and I recommend them all the time here on Ask Metafilter. And the Salux towels work much better than washcloths. If you know of something that does its job better than anything else like it, or have a source (online or brick & mortar) where you can often find that better mousetrap, I want to hear about it.
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Just so we're clear, is "better mousetrap" some kind of figure of speech for "better gadgets"? are not actually looking for devices to trap (or kill) small rodents?
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Response by poster: Yes, timdiggerm, better mousetrap is a figure of speech. I have a terrier if there are small rodents that need to be caught and killed, heaven forbid.
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I love my OXO can opener that locks on the outside edge of the can and produces no sharp edges on the can or lid!
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I love my Simplehuman dish drying rack. It looks nice, holds a ton of dishes, has a knife drying block and a removable wine glass drying attachment.

I just got this OXO microwave corn popper. It works well and I like how compact it is, plus I like not having an additional small appliance (my air popper kicked the bucket).
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garlic press
waterfall soap saver
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Have all those random chip clips awkwardly taking up space in your kitchen junk drawer? Replace them with standard office binder clips. They're smaller, cheaper, and work better than the kitchen-specific versions.
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A great source for discussions of these things is the Cool Tools blog.
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Resettable combination locks. I just set mine all to the same easy to remember (for me) numbers. Not this brand in particular, lots of companies make them.
An actual better mouse tap. You squeeze it like a clothes pin and it sets itself. Cheap & reusable.
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I have and really love this garlic press. For a long time, I resisted getting a garlic press, since I don't always love single use tools, but it's actually great. I had another garlic press (zyliss brand, I believe) that was okay but not great. I've had this current one for 4 years, and it looks good as new. At $12, it's not super expensive. It really is beautiful, easy to use, and easy to clean (I hand wash it). It comes in a very nice box, too.
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This folding laundry basket is great. Very easy to carry, lightweight, and doesn't take up space when it's empty. So much better than my old plastic one.
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The gadgetiest thing I use is the Garlic Twist. It can take strong hands if you put it lot of garlic, though. And I use a different technique from what's shown in the video to remove the finished product.
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A lock box for your doorknob to keep an extra set of keys. No more worries about being locked out if the house, great for if friends are coming from out of town, or for your dog walker or whatever. Has saved me hundreds in locksmith fees and in not having to rush back to meet people.
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I got an over-the-sink drying rack and love it. It stands over and drains into the sink so it doesn't take up counter space, but it's a couple feet tall so it doesn't render the sink unusable. I think it's my favorite drying rack design.
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My sister just got me a Rosle garlic press and so far I love it. The best part is that you don't have to take the paper skins off the cloves before you press them.

The Good Cook Can Opener is the best can opener ever and it doubles as a puzzle.
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My current favorite tool — and you will need a fireplace or barbecue to marvel at this — is the hollow shaft of a golf club. It is used to blow on the fire, right where you want to, without having to crouch down and get your hair into things. It concentrates and accelerates your breath, causing the fire to heat up and flame. It’s great for getting a fire started (blow gently) or catching a log that you’ve just added (go wild and watch it go!).

If cheap is elegant for you, as it is for me, pick up a old club at a thrift store and cut the ends off. A little filing and you’re all set.

Or you can buy something a little fancier, for a price.
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SLC mom, I just saw a video of someone that made this but used a mattress pump to make it electric as well. Thought you might be interested.
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I never thought I'd be a dish towel snob, but I'm totally a dish towel snob. I discovered these towels at Williams-Sonoma a few years ago. They're soft. They're absorbent. They're pretty. They're durable. They're big. They're available in many colors and patterns. 100% Turkish cotton, waffle pattern on one side, small, super soft terry loops on the other. With a care tag in six (I think) languages next to a strong sewn-in hanging loop. I never thought I would be a dish towel snob. These dish towels made me a dish towel snob.
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This pizza cutter wheel is crazy good for pizza, flat bread, quesadillas, etc. Dishwasher safe ftw!
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