Can Someone Spoil "Cobra Kai" S1/S2 for Me?
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If I'm completely willing to have it spoiled, can someone summarize what "Cobra Kai" does to "The Karate Kid" in terms of canonicity and future developments?

I've heard some talk that it plays a bit with flipping the "good/evil" axis on Johnny and Daniel.

I'm basically interested in knowing what happens in the two seasons plotwise and also your analysis of any thematic understructures that are at play in the show.
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You can spoil yourself with Season 1 over in MeFi fanfare...

I haven't started Season 2 myself yet.

It is great - amazing even (and I say this as an unabashed fan of the original movies when I was young)

(And it appears to be very canonical)
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It definitely flips the arc - Johnny's original (and current) motivations are explored and there is some redemption. Daniel is well, rather unlikable, arrogant and a bit of a jerk. But there is growth on all sides here.

It's well done, just watch it - "binge it, binge it" - go along for the ride.
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Johnny's definitely not made out to be a hero--there's something of a redemption arc, but in a two-steps-forward-one-step back kind of way. It does humanize him quite a bit. Daniel comes off a little better in season two than he did in the first, but he's also flawed, with his own blind spots.

Really I want them to just make up and be friends already.
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A major thematic understructure is self-improvement vs. obstacles. It seems like the writers view every character through this lens.
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