What can I mix with psyllium husk to make a low-carb cold drink treat?
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Psyllium husk just mixed with water is sad. I'm looking for a supplement I can mix in to make a tasty post-coffee cold beverage.

I would like something that would taste good and be a mid-morning break so I can put off stopping for lunch. I'm looking for something without much added sugar or lots of carbs. I like the taste of Emergen-C, but it is carby. Something with some potentially beneficial properties like vitamins would be nice. It is okay if those potential beneficial properties are not scientifically vetted with studies and the like.
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Roasted barley tea.
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I'd mix it with a fruity tea like hibiscus or Verry Berry (Stash brand). If you need it sweet you can add some stevia.
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Almond milk?
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this is more of a pudding, but I like to mix psyllium husk with nut milk (usually milkadamia), black tahini and cocoa powder for a delicious low carb treat. you can add some sweetener too (e.g. stevia drops) if preferred. black tahini is a superfood with lots of nutritional benefits.
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I gave up on psyllium in drinks and switched to ‘pudding’ type mixes. Chia, psyllium, shredded coconut, liquid (water, any type of milk), and a dab of fruit preserves or cinnamon/sugar. Mix it up on Sunday and eat it all week.

You can get as much fiber goodness in two bites of that as two whole glasses of psyllium beverage.
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I put Mio squirt drops in my husk water...or I put husks in my Mio water, maybe. I was a Mio lemonade girl for a long time but my husband turned me on to the Vitamin Mio (B, C, electrolytes) in the Orange Tangerine flavor.

I suspect it would be even better with a little dab of cream or cream substitute, if you're keto or otherwise have room for cream in your macros.
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Have you tried the sugar-free, orange-flavoured Metamucil (or your Koval generic equivalent)? It’s not bad. There’s also a berry-flavoured one I haven’t tried.

As for vitamins, I read that psyllium somehow blocks the action of certain ones, as well as some medications, actually! If you take anything, google interactions). So it’s an idea to keep that stuff separate from the psyllium drunk.
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These Nuun tabs aren't bad. If you like Emergen-C these might be a good, less sugary substitute.
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I hate the name of it, but I really like Skinny Syrups, and usually mix my psyllium husk with their raspberry meyer lemonade syrup.
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I can't handle plain psyllium husk, and I hate drinking flavored Citrucel. I take Citrucel pills with a big glass of water (usually squeezed from a sqeezy water bottle so it's easy to drink quickly).
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Low carb smoothies -- you'd just use husk instead of chia seeds etc.
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I find it very soothing with aloe vera juice, which has somewhere between 0 and 4 carbs per 8 oz, depending on where I look it up.
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Chia seeds with plain or flavored kefir
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