Please recommend a knee sleeve for support to use when running.
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My knees need support when I am running. Both knees have been hurting me the last few days and the last time that happened I bought a knee sleeve that helped but I don't think it was very good or comfortable. Can you recommend a reasonably priced effective knee sleeve. I am training to run 10km( 6.2 miles) shortly so I'd like to get something very soon to use while I train. I am training on an indoor track -I never run on concrete and I have excellent runners.
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I don't run for any great distance, but I use knee sleeves by Shock Doctor at the gym. I wear them for Crossfit so they get a fair amount of abuse and have lasted a couple of years. Since I don't run any more than a few hundred meters at a time, I have no idea if any one is better than another, but the key with these for me is that they don't contain neoprene. I previously had some that did and they'd make my knees itch and I'd get all these little red bums that would last for days. So if you don't know whether you're allergic to neoprene, you might just want to avoid finding out and seeking out some of the ones that don't contain it.
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Best answer: I switched last February from a sleeve to a knee strap (here's a link to a Mueller brand one, but many make them) and it really made the difference. May depend on where your knee hurts.
If it's Runners' Knee, look into the IT Band stretches. They really helped in not needing the strap in about a month
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I have used this sleeve and found to be very comfortable. It has silicone grippers on the inside which helps prevent it from sliding down.
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I use those Mueller knee straps and they're great. I also sometimes wear them overnight if my knees have been acting up and it makes a HUGE difference. But I'm sure it depends on exactly what sort of knee paid you have.
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This is a slight digression, but if you're training exclusively on a track, just be sure not to run in the same direction every time, as consistently cornering to one side can also lead to knee problems. Do clockwise, and then counter clockwise on alternating runs if you're able.
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You may be slightly twisting your knee when you run. There are braces that keep your knee from moving in that way. Also, changing your running shoes may help. This is a complicated problem which is hard to answer as a non-professional.
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I had knee problems that were resolved by changing shoes. I overpronate, but shoes that correct the pronation caused my feet to move in ways that put stress on my knees - so moving to a neutral (for me, minimal) shoe 100% resolved the issue. Which is to say, in addition to looking at a knee sleeve, you might consider seeing a sports medicine person who can tell you if the knee issues are normal or something you can potentially eliminate.
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