Help me hear this song again
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I know scraps of a song I had on an old mixtape, probably from a Seattle band. Do you know it? Could you help me find it? I am very good at the Googles and this is evading me. It's about some sciencey/museum women who come into a small town in the summertime and are observed by a bored dude and his friends. Singer has a deep voice like the guy in Crash Test Dummies or Handsome Family (but it's not them, it's some smaller band). It's got some fiddle solos. It's in a singsongy spoken voice. Here are the lyrics I remember. I am aware memory is fallible, so they are something like this but I'm pretty sure about the beginning and the end.

(definitely starts this way)

Fiiiiive, educated women, came into my/our town.
There was me, Matt, [name] [othername] and Matt's little brother
Too smart for war, far too dumb for the college
Thought it might rain
"I hope it does" said the woman named Amanda/Miranda
[name] said "stand up when a woman walks in,
so we stood up
and, the women all grinned
I sat back down and..."
[women describing what they are doing, paleontology?]
[name] said "museums"
[the women go into the store looking for...]
Flashlight batteries and stupid bumperstickers
[they all come out laughing, there may be a fiddle solo]
Matt looked back and he couldn't see his brother
He was gone, gone with the women
Even took the candy that tasted like lemons.
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If you remember enough of the melody of the song you can try using the app SoundHound for iOS or Android and see if it will match it. I tried humming a song I remembered my dad humming to me when I was a small child and it matched it successfully. I also tried using the app Shazam but had no luck with it.
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Do you have a ballpark time frame? Do you think this is from the 90's? Or is it more recent than that?
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Oh gosh sorry. This would've been probably mid 90s.
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(OMG flashbacks of Cordelia's Dad at the Iron Horse). Could it have been a Happy Valley or Boston band?
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Possibly yeah. Less likely but it's a mixtape so PacNW is just a general hand-wavey idea. I am going to have to get my cassette player going aren't I?
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A friend says those lyrics sound very much like an artist named Derek Horton, who somehow seems to have escaped being indexed by the Internet. Derek is a musician and theater artist who was producing works in Seattle in the 90s, including some obscure indie albums.
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The lyrics don't ring a bell but the band description makes me think of an early-'90s Seattle duo called Like Rain. They barely exist on the internet and I can't find any songs, but they had a cassette called "Razorblade Shoes" and a CD called "Lightning Waltz."

If this sounds at all familiar I can try and track something down -- I may have the cassette in a trunk somewhere.
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This is "Lemonhead" by Johnny Webelo.

I did some Googling based on under_petticoat_rule's post above because "Derek Horton" seemed like a good lead. Some intense Googling found some old newspaper clippings that led me to Johnny Webelo, one of Horton's bands, which was noteworthy because if I squinted at the Amazon thumbnail of the CD cover I could see it included a song called "Lemonhead" that seemed like a possible, nay probable match for Jessamyn's lyrics. Against the odds, an active account called SongLyricsMania had recently posted two different Johnny Webelo songs to YouTube. I sent him a note asking him if he had "Lemonhead" and, after a week or so, he was kind enough to post it, confirming my hunch. He even transcribed the lyrics.

If you wanna do him a solid, give him a thumbs-up and subscribe to his channel I guess.
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OMG. Yay! And this little clip from The Stranger confirms that my FOAF Bruce Wirth was their fiddle player which is what I'd thought. I thumbsed up him and subscribed. Thank you all!
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This also explains why I thought it was Uncle Tupelo because it rhymes!
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Awesome. Glad jessamyn got her answer. Once I heard it the delivery sounds like old Beck.
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