Cooking resources for chronic stomach issues
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Can anyone refer me to good cookbooks, websites, or other resources to help with cooking for someone who suffers from chronic stomach issues?

I don't know the specific illness or condition but assume it's something similar to IBS. The issue is two-fold: He can't eat undercooked or overly spiced foods and so has a limited number of dishes that don't make him feel sick afterward, and fear of getting sick means he is meticulous about how ingredients are cleaned and prepared. He is Hispanic (Peruvian) and a lot of his favorites include the traditional beef and rice dishes of that culture. So I'd like recommendations for similar dishes that might add some variety and/or methods of cooking that are easy and won't exacerbate his health issues.
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Patarashka is one of my favorite Peruvian dishes. Its tilapia with diced tomatoes and cilantro, wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed. Very mild, but also very delicious.

Are there specific ingredients he needs to avoid? That would help with suggestions. Is he bored with beef and rice? Is vegetarian food palatable at all for him?
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After a life time of stomache and bowel issues that were so bad Doctors wanted to cut out a section of bowel I was cured by the following:

Pinto beans cooked with tumeric with two meals a day.

Acidophilus - live culture from health food store. Only needed once a month but if it's working he'll forget and only need it after a flare up.

Cut out the beef.

With these three pretty much everything, including some spicy food, goes back on the table.
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