Cleaning booze stains off of nice shoes
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I splurged on some nice shoes a while back (these but in a different color), wore them to a bar, got some mixed drink stains on them, and hid them away in shame. This was dumb, and I’d like to try and get them clean. The one leather store we’ve taken them to so far was pessimistic and suggested the best tactic was suede cleaner applied with a brush. I’m giving it a shot but their grim prognosis has clouded my mind. MetaFilter, how can I get these booze stains off of my shoes?

(I don’t think the shoes are suede, but it is dyed leather)
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Well, the pessimism was unfounded, and with a bit of elbow grease and some repeated applications the cleaner worked just fine! So, uh, thanks, me.
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Hooray! You could also consider applying a water sealant so that liquids bead off the surface in the future. What wonderful shoes.
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