Contacting movers: timing given complications?
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We're moving cross-continent in July, and I know we need to contact movers soon. We want to hire full-service movers, who will require an in-person visit for an estimate. Do we contact them now, even though the house is in disarray and ~25% of our stuff is going to be sorted out/not taken with us? Or do we wait until weeks from now when we've gotten rid of a lot of it?

We plan to hire a company that will both pack most of our stuff and move us.

For reasons, we have a bunch of stuff sitting around in opened boxes. More than you're thinking, probably. This stuff can't just be taped back up and moved--some boxes are damaged, many have some things we do need and some we don't, etc.

We also have a lot of loose stuff sitting around because we hadn't finished buying all the grown-up storage furniture that we really need to (which turns out to be just as well in terms of not having to move it, I guess!). And then there's stuff we know we're not taking. It's a chaotic mess.

We're working as fast as we can given that I have health issues and my partner works long hours and can't take off time during the week. I'm getting help from friends.

I'm actively looking for housing but haven't figured it out yet, and I don't know how long it will take. Wherever we move into will be within one fairly small metro area, though.

So, when do I start calling around for estimates?

(More moving questions to come next week, no doubt!)
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Oh god do it now. The summer is prime moving time and you want to get this sorted out ASAP.
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Do it now. They give an estimate without being in boxes - they’re looking for things like how many rooms in the house, how pack rat you are, dishes, heavy things like exercise equipment or TVs or glass paintings and bicycles etc. They’ve been doing this a long time and can eyeball a lot.

Source: I also moved x-country and got an estimate without anything packed. Estimate was close enough to actual.
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Do it now, you can tell them roughly what stuff you won’t take, and they’ll be able to sort it out. It’s their job to know how to deal with this kind of situation and they are generally pretty good at it.
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Roger that, thank you!
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