Good little consumer question! Please find my sunglasses.
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I once got a great pair of sunglasses at a thrift store. Insurance put lenses in them, and I lived happily ever after. Then I lost them. I'm hoping your fantastical internet searchery skills can save me like a bajillion hours of combing websites so that I can go play in the sunshine instead.

They were 90s aviator glasses. Or so I'm told. I liked that they covered my face and kept the sun out. I like aviator frames. Aviators are either way out of style or super-trendy right now. Either way, this means I'm having a hard time finding them.

I don't like the new trend of super-loud plastic frames.

54-19-137 is a very comfortable size for me.

Fair trade is my preference, but super-cheap is my budget. So used is probably best.

Thanks so much!
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If you have access to a Costco, they carry a limited selection of Raybans. I got some aviators for less than $100 last year.
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If you haven't looked already, there's always Zenni Optical!
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Are you looking for prescription sunglasses with lenses? Or just frames, to put lenses in yourself? Or something else altogether? It's a little confusing what the question is.
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Eye Buy Direct has quite a few options. I bought some glasses from them last year and they are great quality. You can have any of their frames made into sunglasses. They are also having a sale right now.
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I'm hoping y'all can point me to **specific frames**. I can handle the prescription lenses, I just need the frames.

Thank you so much!
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Zenni Optical has a whole section of aviators.
If you’re hoping someone will say “oh! I have some exactly like that and here’s where I bought them!” you’ll need to share a photo.
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From wikipedia: "The design attempts to cover the entire range of the human eye and prevent as much light as possible from entering the eye from any angle.[1]" I'm not too particular, I just like that aviators block the sun well.

I don't really care about finding the PERFECT PAIR, what I really really want is to avoid spending hours and hours combing all the sites that have already been referenced on ask-me trying to find something that fits.
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Someone told me where to go! Got polarized sunglasses that fit over glasses at the drugstore. Twenty dollars. Would have bought fair trade if they existed. Maybe someday!
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Update for future readers: Drugstore sunglasses are already scratched up.
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