Anyone know where I can find the "podperson scream"?
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Looking for the "scream" from the 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers film.

Can anyone help me track down a sound file that contains the scream the podpeople in the 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers film make when they detect that someone is not one of them?

(If you've not seen the film, don't read further.)

Preferably the one that PodPersonBennell (Donald Sutherland) makes at the very conclusion, when he points at Elizabeth (Brooke Adams), but they're not that different, so any from the '78 film will do.

Would be much obliged. A friend of mine is freaked out by that sound, and I'd like to tease her a little bit.
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How odd, two similar questions in one week...

Anyhow,'s track listing of the soundtrack says it's the (hidden) last track on the album.

You can order the soundtrack from Amazon.
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Better yet, found it on MGM's site.
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(I just realized it has a stupid "brought to you by" at the end; you might want to edit that out.)
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Response by poster: I don't suppose anyone could possibly handle that editing for me, but more importantly possibly convert it to an MP3 or WAV? I own an Intel Mac; Windows Media Player isn't dealing with the file nicely, and Flip4Mac's WMV Player (which supposedly lets QuickTime handle Windows Media files) isn't playing nice on Intel Macs yet.
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Here you go
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Response by poster: Thank you! (And goddamn, that's scary as hell!)
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That would make a great ringtone!
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There was just a documentary on both Invasion films last night on TVO here in Toronto. They showed that last scene at the end, but it was Veronica Cartwright as the last survivor who he pointed to and screamed at. Great scream.
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Response by poster: Birdsquared, thanks for the wonderfully evil idea. I think I'll be loading it onto my cell phone this evening ... hee hee hee. (I can just imagine everyone jumping and going, "WHAT THE F—K WAS THAT?!?!?!?!" I smile and pick up the phone and say, "Can I help you?")

Chococat, very good point. Brooke Burke got podpersoned at a point prior to the conclusion, I now remember.
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