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Font recommendation to solve a MS Word --> QuarkXPress issue?

I have a lengthy book written in MS Word, pretty simple in all respects. Basic formatting, layout, etc and the font throughout is Times New Roman.

The Unicode version of Times New Roman has lots of characters that I use to write the English transliteration of words from another language. These are characters such as the letter 'T' with a dash through it, the letters 'H', 'Z', or 'S' with a "hat" accent above them, and such...

However, since these characters are not in the first 256 characters of Times New Roman, QuarkXPress does not pick them up, since it does not have Unicode support.

Is there a font out there that contains characters similar to these (doesn't have to be exactly the same) as well the normal characters in the first 256 spots so that I can use it with Quark, or does anyone have a better idea as to how I can solve this problem?

Yes, for my next book I'll find another application, like InDesign (although I haven't researched its capabilities yet) since Quark is just so crappy...
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Doesn't Quark 7 support OpenType fonts, which can contain 64k glyphs/characters?

I read here that version 7 can, so if you're using 7 and have the OpenType version of Times New Roman, your accents and such should display.

I worked extensively with Quark 7 in school when in first came out, and have copy at home, but it's not installed and I'm not there. I can confirm al this for you later today if needed.
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BTW, I just Googled "quark xpress" unicode to confirm my theory about ver. 7 and there were a lot of helpful-looking links I haven't explored.
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Xpress 7 does have unicode support, but it's not due to be out until December this year. I've seen a demo of it, though, and it looks fantastic, at least as important as the switch from 3 to 4 was. Amazing what competition can do.

If you can't wait that long, I'd suggest

1. Get a proper font dedicated to writing languages (would this do?)
2. Find/replace all your Times New Roman 'special' characters to that.
3. Import into Quark
4. No step 4.
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(alternatively, the public beta of XP7 is a free download at their site)
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