Shoulder bag with hand handle...
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Do you know of any alternatives to this bag? It's just a shoulder bag but the handle on the top is important to me. Available in the UK, ideally less expensive than this. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Clickable link to the bag
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The wifi connection at this coffee shop is horrible so I can't find a specific example, but I know that Timbuk2 has bags with that same form factor and top handle.
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Seconding Timbuk2.
I carry one most days with that same form factor of shoulder strap with a solid and usable handle on top. Works great, best bag I’ve ever had on every metric.
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That looks a lot like the army surplus shoulder bags we all used to have in school (possibly one person got one and started a trend in our school, I don’t know If this was a widespread thing).

Anyway, £9 is a lot cheaper than £99.
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Would you like canvas or leather? I also love this style of bag and have a battered leather cross body one from Debenhams that's about ~30 years old that I keep coming back to so I'll watch the answers with interest.

If you search for a variation of the American and British terminology with something like grabbable tote shoulder bag (maybe satchel too) you'll come up with quite a few options. I'd also look on Ebay, you can sometimes get good brands like Radley for a lot less than new.

(Another search term: grabbable bowling bag handbag)
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I think of that as a satchel with shoulder strap.
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How about this one on, which is only £27.
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Actually, there are loads of options on Amazon.

This one, similar to the one I linked to above but cheaper.

This one looks more like the one you linked to.

Vintage style.
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