PowerPoint karaoke/battledecks suggestions
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At last year's academic conference a small group of friends played BattleDecks /PowerPoint karaoke and had the best time ever. We'd like to play again. I'm soliciting great slides for this.

We downloaded a bunch of the various decks online already, but more slides would be awesome. Please post links to single or decks of slides.
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I'm sorry not to be of help, but I'm so grateful to you for having posted this question. Never knew of this game, and I have an agenda to fill up for a team meeting in less than two weeks. It may be too late to pull this off, but I'm going to try!
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No slides, but are you familiar with Time Cube? Google Slides plus a few minutes of copy and paste should set you up nicely.
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Response by poster: @heigh, I can email you the deck we used last year.
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Can I toot my own horn?
Toot toot
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k8t, I linked to several here.
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The end of "Staying In The Helicopter" is fantastic.
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