Records from NYC housing court
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Hello. I need to get a copy of the stipulation in a 2013 case in Manhattan housing court in which I was involved. I know how to do this in person, but before I fly in from out of town, I want to know if there's any way to get this information remotely. Feel free to memail me if you'd rather. Thank you!
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Have you tried New York State Unified Court System?

Memail me if you would like help with the search there.
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Landlord-tenant cases only remain on the online docket briefly (~2 weeks or so).
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There are services that you can hire for this. It's not free but should be cheaper than air fare! I don't have any recommendations but they're called legal couriers or court runners. A couple I've found from just googling are GFD Courier and PM Legal - you might look them up and call to explain your situation and get a quote.
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BRB, gonna run this by someone I know who works in a law library. I’ll send memail if they can help.
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OK, he responded. Check your memail.
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Update for future readers--I found a great legal courier in NYC, so message me if you would like her info.
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