Vegetarian shank bones?
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I'm having some friends over for Passover on Saturday. I'm not making brisket because 3/4 of us are vegetarian. However, man cannot live on charoset and matzoh ball soup alone. What is your favorite Kosher for Passover vegetarian main dish?

I'm the only Jew among the four of us. My great aunt usually makes a seder and during that event I usually gorge on charoset and matzoh ball soup. I'd like to make something more exciting as a main course, and I'm at a loss.

1. No kitniyot
2. No meat or fish
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I'm making the mushroom & sauerkraut potato gratin from The Gefilte Manifesto as our vegetarian main dish.
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Green jackfruit brisket can be fantastic. (Orders of magnitude above fabricated fake meats.)
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I usually make a big matzah lasagna (with spinach mixed into the cheese to be ostensibly more healthy). In fact, I have posted my recipe here before!
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You could also do like a crustless quiche or fritatta.
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In the vein of leesh's quiche of fritatta may i suggest a Kuku, basically a persian crustless quiche with a ton of herbs and greens inside (like, it should be a pan crammed with veggies and herbs, with egg filling in the space, not an egg dish with greens).

Samin Nosrat's recipe.
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Isa Chandra Moskowitz has an entire chapter of recipes for Passover in her Superfun Times cookbook. I haven't tried them yet but they look great and she's an excellent vegan chef and (very popular) recipe writer.
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Stuffed peppers are great for this!
Also: potato kugel.
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I think the vegetarian/KFP thing that would come closest to scratching the brisket itch for me would be some kind of roasted eggplant something — it's not mistakeable for brisket in shape and texture the way jackfruit could be, but it's rich and dark-flavored and unctuous in a way that I find similarly satisfying.

The first recipe here, by the consistently-awesome Yotam Ottolenghi, is the sort of thing I have in mind, and it already fits your constraints. The others would need some serious deletions and substitutions, but could probably be made to work if you wanted to get adventurous.
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The Moosewood team has a cookbook with vegetarian recipes for complete menus for various holidays and other celebratory occasions - Passover is definitely among them. If you want a preview, I found an article where the author states he adapted a couple of their recipes - one of which being a spinach and mushroom kugel.
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I made an apple kugel ages ago for seder, but I have no idea where my mom got the recipe. It was a non-stodgy kugel (nes gadol!) that mainly contained eggs and apples, if I recall correctly.

Seconding the recommendations for quiche with no crust (at my house we call it egg pie with a vaguely Texas intonation - so "egg pah"). Hearty, delicious, nutritious. I like it with spinach or broccoli and potatoes and cherry tomatoes.
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We do vegetarian seders every year.

My personal favourite main to make is my (not at all traditional) vegetarian "matzagna" - it's my usual vegetarian lasagna but I replace the oven-ready noodles with matzah - and no, the matzah doesn't go soggy (keeps a good texture). I make homemade, vegetable-ful tomato sauce for the red layers and mix ricotta cheese and mozzarella with kale or spinach for the other layer. (I prefer ricotta to bechemel sauce). Then I top with more mozzarella and cheddar. (Vegetarian seder means dairy, yay!)

Other friends have done a tasty shashouka - with the eggs and vegetables, it feels so appropriate to the spring and rebirth themes.
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Roasted asparagus is seasonal, delicious, and popular.
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Aloo Makalla from the Indian Jewish community. I made this when I was taking some Jewish conversion classes and it was a hit.
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I, er, know traditional matzoh ball soup isn’t vegetarian, right? I mention this because I used to work at a famous jewish deli, and a surprising number of our vegetarian customers didn’t realize it’s made from chicken.
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Adding a re-direct after MexicanYenta's very good point - there are several recipes for "mock chicken" vegetarian stock out in the wild, and a number of packaged products that promise the same thing. I personally like the Better than Bouillon Vegetarian "No Chicken" base concentrate - and purely for the taste in my case, as i'm not even vegetarian!

(I'm also not Jewish, however, so I am realizing I can't speak to whether it would be kosher for Passover or how to ascertain that; I leave that to wiser heads to advise whether it's traif.)
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Yes, but the Manischewitz mix is vegetarian, and I do make vegetable broth.
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I firmly dispute the notion that one cannot live on charoset alone, but that argument can be had whilst the Spinach and Matzoh Pie is baking. I look forward to this thing all year!

(& at the risk of going off topic, are you using one of the haggadot from your recent FPP, and if so, which? I can't decide amongst them!)
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Decided on large quantities of charoset, vegetarian matzoh ball soup, roast asparagus, spinach and feta frittata (that recipe, minus the breadcrumbs), and coconut macaroons. My three guests are bringing wine, cheese, and aloo gobi.

I'm making Samin Nosrat's kuku recipe later this week for sure!!!

Because this is the first seder for all my guests, I'm using a good part's version of the Maxwell House Haggadah supplemented with the HIAS haggadah.
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