Track pending checks online with Chase?
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In the old days, I'd write all transactions in my checkbook. Nowadays, when I use a check to pay for something big (like my son's daycare tuition), I have a written record, but it doesn't get tracked online with all my Chase debit card purchases. Is there any way to add notes about pending checks to my Chase account?

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The Chase Online help for Account Activity says "Click a description to view transaction details or add a memo for that transaction." Is this what you want to do?
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He wants to add a pending transaction that the bank has no record of yet. Systems like Mint or Quicken let you do this.
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CapitolOne 360 (previously ING Direct) used to let you do exactly this but I've never see this feature at another bank.
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I’m afraid you’re going to have to make a spreadsheet for this. Google “cash flow tracking” for examples.
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The only solution I’ve found is to use bill pay instead of writing checks. They mail a check, and I don’t have to worry about losing track of a check.
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Workaround: maintain two chase checking accts. One funded for checks, one for debits.
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