Explain LaTex to me like I’m 5
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I have a slide deck in LaTex that I need to personalize (change templates, change some text), export to pdf, and present. Today. I have a Mac. Are there good tutorials for these tasks?

It’s not an emergency if this doesn’t happen but I would really like it to.

I’m comfortable editing the .tex file in Sublime. I would be able to figure out how to export to pdf. Having a pointer to a good tutorial would make this less stressful and possibly faster. The last I’m really most worried about is changing the template.
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If you have latex installed, then open up Terminal, cd to the directory where the .tex file is and run pdflatex.
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What class file is called in the preamble by \documentclass{foo} ( usually in first few lines, definitely before \begin{document}?

If it’s beamer , then changing the theme or template is as simple as changing the name of the theme called.

If it’s an article class or something handrolled, who knows? If you can post the preamble on pastebin (first line down to \begin{document}, shouldn’t be a privacy issue, redact names etc if necessary) we can then offer useful suggestions but until then it’s just too general to be able to help much; LaTeX contains multitudes.
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You should probably start with getting MacTex installed.
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In the name of haste, instead of installing MacTeX I’d probably just upload the Tex file to Overleaf.
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I'd make sure you can build the current version (i.e. export to PDF) before making any changes.

I use TexStudio for editing but LaTeX distributions may be fiddly to install on recent Macs. Overleaf might be a good first step.
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I got it done. I think I might need to make the tutorial I needed.
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Glad it worked out! Also if you get a tutorial together that covers every major LaTeX presentation package — please let me know!
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