very narrow single-walled water bottle?
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I'd like to buy a no-frills water bottle that is single-walled and either stainless steel (like Klean Kanteen) or BPA-free plastic (like Nalgenes.) The key here is that it needs to be rather long and slim... that it'd fit into the side pocket of my backpack. For reference I have a Fjallraven Rucksack no.21 small, and based on my calculation, the diameter of the bottle should ideally be around 2-2.25 inches.

Please let me know if you have a recommendation!
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I have a 16oz corksickle water bottle that fits in the side pocket of my jansport backpack.
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I have the 18-20oz kleen kanteen single wall. I carry it everywhere in my backpack (extensive work flyer). Amazon sells them in dozens of colors.
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If there is a Daiso near you then a stainless steel water bottle is available for $2.80. I know this because my son lost yet another water bottle
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How much liquid are you looking to carry? If the quantity is fairly small (12oz) you could straight-up go with a flask.
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There is a model of Nalgene that is tall and skinny.
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Here is a 500mL water bottle that is 2.36" in diameter.
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Contigo water bottles are about the same size as a disposable water bottle and they have many different options.

They sell them at Target if you're in the US and near a Target and want to check it out.
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The zojirushi water bottle I have is very small diameter, stainless steel but alas for you, double walled. At least take a look at it.
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The standard choice among ultralight hikers is a 1L smartwater bottle, optionally with the sport cap from a 750mL smartwater bottle. It's tall and narrow, and people on the internet seem to think it's made of a BPA-free plastic. (Although note that just about any plastic will be plasticized with something, and most of them are less well studied than BPA.)
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