Do you love your wedge sleep pillow?
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I'm looking for one of those "sleep wedges" that slightly elevate the torso to prevent snoring. I'd strongly prefer natural or at least non-offgassing materials. Ideas?

The offgassing ban eliminates most of the cheap polyurethane foam/ memory foam pillows from big box stores, but I'd really love not to have to pay $300 for a fancy organic latex thing (plus, seems like those also sometimes offgas). Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks!
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Have you tried your local chain pharmacy like Walgreen's? I sleep on a wedge for reasons. I don't know anything about outgassing, but the wedges I have slept on have come from Walgreen's and certainly haven't been over a hundred dollars. They do need to be replaced every few years, but they have held out well in my case. The wedges I get are covered in plastic and then i cover them with a pillow case.
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I wonder if it might be worth trying something like a buckwheat pillow? I'm using one to elevate my head a little bit because I sometimes get reflux when I sleep, and it might do what you want. (If one isn't enough lift, two of them forming a T might be.) I've found that they don't move a lot, and are more supportive than foam pillows—and, of course, since they're just buckwheat, there's no offgassing.

Mine didn't have any particular smell unless you were looking for it. If I pressed my face into the pillow for the first couple days I had it, it had a slightly acrid, green-smelling smell to it, but (in my experience) that's just what buckwheat smells like. For thirty bucks, it might be worth picking one up and giving it a go before you move to more expensive options.
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