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[Manhattan, NY shopping filter] I'm looking to buy an inexpensive [read cheap] red carnation pin in Manhattan this week. Where can I get it?

A friend and I will be seeing Hadestown this weekend, and we are both fans having seen the original production a few years ago. I know people are wearing red carnations and other fan-type stuff to the show, and I think we should participate.

I know I can get real or silk flowers, but I'd rather get a couple of flat lapel/collar/whatever pins that can be tucked away with the Playbill or saved in a jewelry box. Surely, there must be a store somewhere in Manhattan where I can buy us something. Do you know where that is? TIA
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Your best bet is the few blocks around Broadway and 28th-30th Streets, where there are loads of places that sell costume jewellery, including all kinds of floral items. And if you can't find what you want there, you're already in the Flower District. Although many of the suppliers in that area are wholesalers, my experience has been that they'll usually sell retail if you ask nicely.
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Strand near 14th street has a whole wall of pins. I'd go to check there first.
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Pintrill has a brick-and-mortar store in (where else but) Williamsburg . I don't see anything that might be a carnation in the online store but you could call and see if they have anything that's not listed online.
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I was just looking at the Strand pins and didn't notice a carnation, although of course I wasn't specifically looking for one.
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Response by poster: I didn't see anything online at the Strand or Pintrill, either. I'll give them a call tomorrow. Otherwise, I'll head to 28th street and ask around.
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