Best ride out of LAX?
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Next weekend, I need to get from LAX to a private residence in Canoga Park, and later for my return to LAX I'll be coming from a hotel in Thousand Oaks. What's the best ratio of low price + low hassle to do this? Can anyone recommend a particular shuttle? Rideshare? Etc.

Also, I'm a rideshare rookie. If I go with Lyft, is it better to book ahead or wait until I land? Is it clear where you go to meet your ride?
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Booking a couple days ahead with Super Shuttle has always worked for me. It’s about $60 plus a tip and very easy.
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I don't know if it's lowest-hassle, but you can get the FlyAway shuttle from LAX to Van Nuys and then take rideshare from there to Canoga Park (near where I live) which should be a much shorter trip on rideshare. But Super Shuttle might be your easiest option.
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Second on the FlyAway + Uber combo, that's what I usually do and at around $9.75 for a one way fare + an Uber is usually the best mix of "cheap" and "convenient" I've found. Maybe on the way back, your hotel might have an arrangement for direct shuttle back to LAX.

The Lyft app will direct you to a designated "rideshare dropoff spot" on the departures terminal. And maybe book ahead. I always think about doing it when I land, hesitate, then book it after I get to baggage claim, only to find that I've been hit with surge pricing.
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I’ve had really good experiences with SuperShuttle out of LAX, so I keep using it. You can book a shared van for cheaper, if you’re not in a hurry, or you can pay to have your own. There’s a kiosk right outside the baggage claim, and there’s a person working the kiosk to tell you that that particular shuttle is yours. You can see it driving/pulling up on your phone as well.
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I was happy with SuperShuttle. The price was right, and from the traffic I could see out the window, nobody else was getting there any faster
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There will be a bunch of Lyft & Uber drivers in their holding pen they're forced to wait in, itching to pick up a fare, the wait isn't bad. And there's a designated area in front of each terminal - for Lyft, it's your job to look for the right car (using the colored display on its dash - the app will give you the color to look for).
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Thanks, all! I think the three main options are all 'best' depending on one's finances and patience levels. I just took a Lyft straight from the airport this time, but did not enjoy the hunt for my car in the scrum at the pickup area. Next time I might try the FlyAway bus to Van Nuys first!
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