what is this thing?
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What is this weird plastic thing? The red straps (there's one on each end) have elastic rubber rings that you hook into those eyelets. Any clue?

Pics here
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That link doesn't work for me.
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Non-working link makes for extra mystery.
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[Fixed the link]
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How large is this thing?
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Just a guess, but it reminds me of a kite string spool.
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For reference the item is probably 24 inches in length across the longest side. Maybe longer.
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Or, a spool for winding up something bulkier than string, like a hose. Something more flexible than ordinary garden hose, though.
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Like an outdoor extension cord? I was just dealing with a tangled orange ball even though I'm sure I tried to pack it up neatly last time. A winding spool would be a fine thing, and I could see how stretchy adjustable end-straps would help further contain it.
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Is it a carrier/ holder for the (slightly) different sized straps? I was amazed by the packaging the last time mr Jane bought a set of ratchet straps...
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That looks to me like something that might go across the gunwales of a canoe, though the purpose of that specific shape doesn't jump out to me, and because canoes have curved sides, the "arms" aren't usually the exact same length. But if you google "canoe thwart" you'll see a variety of styles, and may find some inspiration.
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It is indeed a winder. Probably for garden hose, but could be other kinds of hose.

The straps come off, you wind hose around it, then you put the straps back on, at the closest notch that snugs up the material.
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Are the rings big enough to slide as far as that innermost set of holes?
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...sorry, (re-read the question) I thought the rings were metal.
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You may want to try exposing this to a million-strong audience at /r/whatisthisthing.
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The straps come off, you wind hose around it, then you put the straps back on, at the closest notch that snugs up the material.

Alternatively perhaps the straps stay on, and you wind your electrical extension cord around the outside of them. For short cords the straps stay on the outermost hooks, giving you maximum winding speed; for longer cords you take the straps further toward the centre, or perhaps even remove them altogether, to accommodate the extra length.
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I think it's a winder but I think it's maybe one for a light anchor or fishing line for a sport fishing boat. It's that particular type of cheap, durable, floating, snappable white plastic that makes me think that. I haven't got a match on a particular piece of equipment, but my grandfather's bass boat was full of stuff like this.
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Hey, OP, I'm really curious about this -- let me know if you ever get an answer.
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