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Can you recommend an iOS app (10.3.3 max) that allows you to record your location in the most rapid, direct, and idiotproof way possible? Something like a button that takes up most of the screen that you just tap once and done. It needs to save the location as lat/long coordinates. Ideally, it would have an option for displaying the recorded location in degrees and decimal minutes, but any of the degree-based notations would be acceptable.
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Bring up the Compass app, which displays lat and long, and take a screenshot.
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I use iArrow for this, but it does take 3 taps (target button > current location > done). Also it seems to have disappeared from the US App Store, but may be available in other regions.
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The search terms "record GPS location iphone" turn up a number of links and apps that may be useful. I don't have personal experience with them, but among them are myTracks and trails.io.
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I also just looked into the iOS "Shortcuts" app (part of the system). You can "Get Current Location" and then pipe it to a text message or what-have-you.
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Most GPS loggers have a function to set waypoints, and usually there is the option to set a waypoint at the current location. So you would get both a track of locations at set intervals (1 min, 5 mins) and the locations where you set the waypoints.

You don't say if you are doing this once, or many times. The edit/delete function for waypoints might be clumsy for frequent use.

One logger that does advertise waypoint function is GPS Tracker.
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As it turns out, I was mistaken about being able to use coordinates in any conventional format--degrees and seconds (which is what Compass displays) aren't precise enough in this case (recording an anchor location). But the screenshot idea was genius, because it uses a simple manipulation of the phone itself without any need to read off the screen. I just had to find an app that displayed the coordinates as decimal degrees (wound up with the free version of My GPS Coordinates). Thanks everyone!
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Just as a follow-up -- further research on this question for myself turned up Coordinates and Theodolite, and also a suggestion of taking a photograph, since the Camera app geotags every photograph with lat/lon.
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