Any good iOS apps for packing and moving?
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Are there any apps that help you organize your stuff when you move? I don't even know what I'm envisioning here, but maybe something that helps you feed a box label number and a photo into a spreadsheet, or something. An app with both iOS and iPad versions that talk to each other would be nice; bonus points if there's also a web interface. (If you have a killer DIY method that a person with ADD and too much stuff could use, I'm open to that, too.)
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We’ve moved three times in the past four years. For the first move we took photos of the interior of each box, which we numbered. Then we created a spreadsheet with the box numbers and a description. It was helpful during packing because it encouraged an organized approach rather than just caving in and tossing whatever into whatever box. It also helped on the other end determine what goes where, and what’s in the box.

For our next two moves we dropped all that, however. Boxes clearly labeled with their contents and an accurate count of the number of boxes of each type (kitchen, decor, office) turned out to be enough for us.

Good luck and happy moving!
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I moved recently and used iOS app "Moving Organizer Lite" (there's also a "Moving Organizer Pro" with some additional features. The iOS app "Moving Organizer" seems to be completely unrelated). It lets you add a photo, box size, and description, etc. I don't think it has an iPad version, and I don't think there's a web interface.

You can also update boxes to "unpacked" eventually, but I used that status to track when the box came in the front door of our new place, to make sure everything made it with the movers.

It's fine. It's not great. I looked at a few apps at the time and didn't find anything better, and found it was easier to use a not-great phone app than a spreadsheet in the chaos of packing.
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Qrafter might be helpful here. You can tag a box with a contents list then print the tag out and stick it on.
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Sortly is a good app that lets you take an inventory of everything you have. I use it for organizing in general, but you can use it for moving, make a list of everything in every box, and then print out QR codes for the boxes.
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Moving Organizer Pro looks nice and simple, and you can print to PDF--and it does work on iPad. Thanks for all of the suggestions!
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