Can you recommend a personal trainer in NYC?
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I'm a middle aged woman in Brooklyn looking for a fitness/personal trainer. Details inside.

I can't afford to work with someone on a regular basis. What I want is someone who will meet with me and give me some things to do on my own at the gym -- focusing mainly on weights and machines, because I don't really know what I'm doing. Then I'd like to meet every few months to check in. I just want someone to help me develop a routine and to make sure I'm doing things correctly. I actually found someone who sounds great, but she seems too busy to fit me in. Since I'm not going to be a regular client, I think I was a low priority for her. I would prefer to work with a woman, I think, who's encouraging and not a drill sergeant and who's used to working with not-very-strong middle aged women! Can you recommend anyone?
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Forgive me for not answering your question directly! I was looking for the exact same thing as you but was never able to find it. I bit the bullet and hired a trainer for 10 sessions, and quickly realized that I actually did need to see a trainer 2x/week to even begin to learn proper form. I think most trainers feel they can't really properly and ethically just give you a weight routine after 1 hour of working with you. So, it was a big expense but I thought of it as front loading instead of putting aside money for regular check-ins. Once I was done with that, I found a sort of baby-cross fit class with a very small student-teacher ratio, which includes doing weights and squats. Because the ratio is small, the coach can give individualized instruction in form. She actually gives much better tips on form than the trainer did, FWIW. (Eg the trainer told me I should never squat, but she taught me how to squat in 2 minutes...)
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I go to the Dodge YMCA and like all the trainers there. The front desk can set you up with someone.
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