Searching for gardening and florist blogs
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I would love links to your favorite gardening and florist blogs. Spring has sprung and I am looking for inspiration! Any focus or genre is welcome.
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I have a gardening blog- but it's mostly about growing veggies rather than flowers.
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Veggie gardens are great, too!
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Martha Stewart's website and Better Homes and Gardens are my go-to inspiration sites.
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I have a couple Minnesota-specific garden blogs that I enjoy reading:
My Northern Garden, by a woman who is a legit gardening author/professional and is starting over, garden-wise, in a new house
New Home Economics, by a woman who is gradually converting her regular-sized Minneapolis yard into native plant gardens, plus grows food there and on her community garden plot
I read this lady’s articles in my neighborhood newspaper, but I think she ran out of garden content in the winter and has broadened her scope, so YMMV

Via Instagram I’ve stumbled upon Vegetable Academy, written by some couple urban farmers in Regina, Saskatchewan. I started my first veggies indoors by seed for the first time this year and found their site/Instagram feed super helpful. It’s also great because they are one zone colder than me, so I don’t have to torture myself with advice for warmer climates.

While hunting down URLs for above I came across this list of MN garden blogs. While I can’t vouch for all of them, I’m going to check out some to see if they’re worth putting in my RSS reader.

Happy spring to you!
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I follow, chat with and learn from:
Tony Tomeo in Los Gatos CA, lots of info of relevance to Mediterranean climates.
Homo neanderthalensis from here.

The low tech institute does a lot of experiments to increase vegetable production

The Naturarian follows my blog. Like Tony Tomeo they are arborists and write about many aspects of practcal plant and garden care
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I like The Planthunter; it's in a magazine-ish format and often oriented towards Australian gardens.
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I like Garden in a City.
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Dirt Simple. Year-round, actually. Her descriptions are extensive but simple enough for a non-gardener (me) to understand, and both her writing and her photos are a rest from the clamor of the the Internet (and life).
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I also learned from Floret about following #ayearinflowers on Instagram. Unbelievably gorgeous and inspiring. Thank you everyone!
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