Sending checks to Canadian online pharmacies when buying from US?
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Does anyone in the US have recent experience with buying drugs from Canadian online pharmacies? From what I can tell, they all require payment via check and the idea of sending a check to a business I have no experience with makes me nervous.

I placed an order with a pharmacy I found on Google (, but wasn't made aware of the check payment policy until after the order was completed. I e-mailed them to cancel it, which they 'accepted', but afterwards they proceeded to call me daily for ~2 weeks asking me to submit payment and then later making offers to get me to change my mind and 'uncancel' the order.

The whole experience made me reluctant to try another online Canadian pharmacy, but my cat has severe asthma and I need to get her an inhaler to prevent complications from the steroids she is currently taking to control it. The cost of the medication is ~$300 per inhaler in the US vs. $30 on most online pharmacies.

Any advice or pharmacy recommendations are appreciated - thanks!
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Consumer Reports recommends LegitScript to check out pharmacies that meet their standards. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any way to get a list of recommended pharmacies - you just have to keep entering guesses of who might be OK.
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Unfortunately, that website only allows a non-paid consumer to look up ~5 websites before requiring a $199/month subscription.

All of the websites I looked up were either listed as 'rogue' or had no information. Rogue had a very vague definition and could possibly apply to any website selling medication to customers in the US since it is technically illegal (just not prosecuted for a 3-month supply or less).

It is hard for me to believe that a company looking for that kind of payment to use its services and then listing certain pharmacies by a term like 'rogue' with no further information to be working in the best interest of the consumer.

Regardless, thank you for your help.
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