Weekend trip somewhere warm from NYC
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Hope me find a weekend trip somewhere warm from NYC by plane!

I'm having trouble finding places to go by plane from NYC that meet these highly snowflake-y criteria:

- Leave on Friday after work (red-eye ok, but flights from 3 pm to 9 pm preferred)
- Return on Sunday evening (midnight return ok)
- Nonstop flight
- Warm year-round
- Not Miami (been there a lot)
- Price not a huge issue

Caribbean and Mexican destinations seem to have morning flights only. (But maybe I missed something?)
I'm definitely open to other types of places (South Carolina barrier islands?) as long as they are amenable to a weekend trip.

Tell me where you would go!
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Savannah, GA. In the 70s-80s right now. One of my favorite places to visit and flights from NYC are like 2.5 hours. I did a quick check and saw some afternoon flights. I would totally go to Savannah for a weekend!
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+1 Savannah.
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Bermuda is a canonical destination for this. JetBlue flies direct from JFK.
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Savannah is not warm year round, nor is coastal South Carolina. When are you planning on taking this trip?
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Bermuda isn't warm year round either, as it's not very far south.
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United has one evening flight to San Juan Puerto Rico right now. I would go there.
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Bermuda's climate is nothing like the Carolinas or other places at its latitude in the US. It doesn't get as cold in the winter. But it also doesn't get as hot in the summer. It's very stable, and "warm year-round" is exactly how to describe it. Warm, not hot. Average high 69 in February, 85 in August--a nice break from NYC weather either way, but not for travelers looking for that tropical swelter.
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Puerto Rico
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Jet Blue has tons of flights from JFK or EWR to Puerto Rico. It's a 4 hour flight.
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I don't consider a high of 69 "warm" as in vacation warm (especially since that's only the high and it's chilly in the evenings), but I guess it depends what you're looking for, OP. It's certainly warmer than NYC!
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Yeah, for whatever reason, the flights you're describing are concentrated in the morning (often quite early), with a handful late at night. Because I was curious, I just plugged a bunch of popular Caribbean destinations into Google Flights, which has by far the quickest search, for a random weekend in May (with "NYC," for all airports in New York, as the starting location). These are the choices that came back with plausible hits.
  • Bahamas: Delta has a nonstop that leaves JFK at 2 PM, if you can swing it, and a return at 6:20 PM Sunday, but you'll pay a big premium for the privilege of staying most of Sunday.
  • Barbados: Midnight from JFK on JetBlue, return 6:38 PM.
  • Dominican Republic: JetBlue also has midnight flights to the DR (Santiago or Santo Domingo), with an 8/9PMish returns.
  • Jamaica: This might be a good one. JetBlue has 3PM & 8 PM flights to Kingston, with a 7:40 PM return. This is one of the only decent Friday afternoon flights I've found to non-US destinations in the Caribbean.
  • Mexico City: I don't know if this fits your bill (though I went last year and highly recommend it), but there are multiple options that would suit you.
  • Puerto Rico: Several choices to San Juan, and some to other cities (Aguadilla & Ponce) as well.
  • Trinidad: Huh, whaddya know. You can fly Caribbean Airlines at 5 PM out of JFK and back at a similar time.
I tried a bunch of other destinations (not gonna list all of them here), but if you keep trying, you might find other options.
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