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I help organize an activist group that uses Slack. Many of our members are not particularly tech proficient and struggle to understand how to use it. I'm looking for basic Slack tutorials that will help people get started and don't assume the user already has a fair amount of knowledge or tech savvy.

Everything I've found so far is either specific to a particular organization or assumes knowledge that many of our members don't have. For example, members have struggled with the concept of multiple channels, pinned items, uploading files, and using @ to tag people.

Our members access Slack through laptops, tablets, and phones so I'm looking for tutorials that would cover all of those interfaces.

Have you seen or used Slack tutorials that would be good for this situation? Videos, PDFs, or websites would all work.
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Slack does feel programmed to assume users have some basic technical skills in this regard. But I think their own help section (click on the menu at top left > Help > Open Help Center) is pretty exhaustive in terms of articles introducing people to it's functionality.

There's quite a number of videos out there on YouTube. This guy does a pretty good job of explaining why Slack is worthwhile to commit to communicating in.
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You might want to cherry pick some of the stuff from their Help Center to create your own guide for what you think is important for people in your group. I.e. this page might be an important starting point.
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I admin a Slack workspace, and we use Aloha for onboarding notifications. That might be a nice additional way to teach people how to use it.
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Slack has tutorials that are actually carried out in Slack. I did the beta version of this to see if it would be a good fit for the workspace I administer, and I liked it. I haven't done anything with it since they evolved it to this new thing, but it could be a good solution for you
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With respect to “how to use Slack”, I agree with other commenters that their own tutorials are pretty good.

Since you mention this being for an activist group, I’d also like plug this series of articles about using Slack for activist organizing. They’re from Ragtag, an org that does a bunch of general IT-for-progressives work. (Disclaimer that I’ve volunteered for Ragtag in the past, but had no involvement in any of the Slack articles.)
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(disclaimer: I work at Slack, partially on user education)

I wrote a series of tutorials recently (and we're continuing to build this out) that aim to start from the basics and get people up and running on a company's slack team. Most of the advice is about running project work in Slack which isn't exactly what an activist group would do, but on the other hand you probably do have projects to do there.

So far there are three parts published:
1) Organize your work and conversations
2) Getting the most out of messaging
3) A step-by-step approach to gathering feedback
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